An Animal and A Gentleman: 13 Mustachioed Animals For Movember

Movember is in full swing, and men are busy growing out their mustaches to raise awareness and money for prostate cancer research. This movement is different than No-Shave-November, which encourages participants to grow full beards in support of cancer patients and donate to the American Cancer Society.

For many participants in these month-long challenges, this is the one month where they set their razors down and let their hair grow. However, for some of our furry friends, Movember is year round! Check out these dapper animals and their fantastic mustaches:

This little kitten will certainly grow into his spectacular mustache. (via Imgur)

We normally don’t consider skateboarding to be a particularly gentlemanly activity, but for a bunny as classy as this one, we’ll make an exception. (via PawNation)

Sporting a classic Fu Manchu mustache, this cat would really appreciate an intellectual conversation over a cup of organic steamed milk. (via Buzzfeed)

The handlebar mustache suits these birds very well. (via Bored Panda)

This gentleman looks just like our Schnauzer Slippers! (via Dog Avenue)

You know he just wants to sit down and play a game of chess with you. Or fetch. Probably just fetch. (via Imgur)

This tamarin monkey’s mustache is seriously impressive. (via Kevin_Barret Wikimedia Commons)

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Gentlemen enjoy sitting in boxes, too. (
via @okithecat)

A gentleman is never without a bow tie. Okay, it’s a bow, but close enough, right? (via Imgur)

This wee one will soon learn that with great mustaches comes great responsibility. (via Imgur)

The mustache on this puppy rivals even the great Ron Swanson’s facial hair. (via Cutest Paw)

When you have a mustache as classy as this one, it’s important that you keep yourself well groomed. (via Reddit)

The ever elusive mustache au natural. (via Buzzfeed)