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Win Prizes! Enter the Slipper Showdown Today

Any basketball fans out there? The first round of the men’s March Madness college basketball tournament officially kicks off today. That means it’s time for hours of lost productivity at work, extensive analysis of each team, and of course, all … Continue reading

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Grown Man In Diaper And Bunny Slippers Wanders Times Square

Today in curious: this man, an editor at Maxim magazine, regressing shamelessly back into childhood. Clad mostly in a diaper and our classic bunny slippers, he wanders aimlessly in Times Square, hamming it up with the locals, all for our… … Continue reading

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OMG: Otter And Stingray Slippers Splash Onto!

Hello slipper enthusiasts! We have two new animal slipper styles to share and both come with an aquatic pedigree. The first, otter slippers, are pinch-me cute. Rendered in warm, offsetting shades of brown and orange, they fit up to a … Continue reading

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META: Bunny Dons Bunny Slippers, Is Adorable

For once, I’m speechless. Source: Instagram | Via: The Pet Collective Contact us: travis [at]

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Rabbits On The Reel: Watch A Supercut Of Bunnies In Film

In honor of our favorite holiday, Easter, we’ve cobbled together a supercut – defined here as “a fast-paced montage of short video clips that obsessively isolates a single element from its source, usually a word, phrase, or cliche from film … Continue reading

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Character Slippers Giveaway with Fangirl Magazine

Last week, Rachel at Fangirl Magazine gave our zombie slippers a glowing review, and we wanted to return the favor by giving Fangirl and FH2P readers a chance to win a pair of our geek chic character slippers. The rules … Continue reading

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It’s Almost Halloween…

In anticipation of our 2nd favorite holiday of the year (Easter is #1, obvi), we’ve created this glittery lapin-o-lantern for the office. If you need help pulling your costume together, or aren’t sure what you want to be and need some … Continue reading

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How To Draw Bugs Bunny: Hop Art Instruction From An Old Pro

This week we released a brand new design to our character slippers collection. We think this slipper style filled a void we had long sensed was present in our catalog. You see, we had the classic bunny slipper, the brown … Continue reading

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The Avengers are Everywhere… Here to Save You From Cold Toes

<Shameless plug> So, The Avengers came out last weekend much to the delight of the 10-year-old comic book lover in us all. It set box office records and delighted audiences everywhere during its first week. I’d like to let you … Continue reading

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