Separated at Birth???!!!

Here at, our designers work diligently to bring you the cutest, most accurate dog slippers in the universe!  It involves studying a lot of cute dog photos, and we’re ok with that!  From the paws to the tails, each detail was lovingly created by our team to make our slippers as lifelike as possible.  So….how’d we do?  Do these look like identical twins Separated at Birth?!

Oh!  Cuteness!!  The fuzzy white fur looks like a poofy little powder puff, and the black eyes and nose give these Bichon Frises their iconic look.


While the slippers are quite a bit smaller than the real thing… these Bernese Mountain Dogs have the beautiful tri-color fur markings that are unique to the breed.  We especially love those liddle iddle eyebrows!!

Two words:  Head wrinkles.  That is all.

We couldn’t let the legendary mustache of the Schnauzer go un-noticed!!  That’s why we studied many Schnauzer profiles to make sure we got this one just right!  #mustachegoals

We couldn’t help but notice that Corgis look like they’re always smiling…so we engineered the most adorable Corgi Smiles in our Dog Slipper Laboratory.  Nothing is quite as cute as the real thing, but these slippers are a close second.  (And that’s science!)

OK….so….maybe these Fuzzy Cows aren’t quite the same as the real bovine deal…but they definitely win the award for Best Cartoon Cow.  We were going for cuteness here… and I think we nailed it!