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Chewbacca Slippers
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A Wookie is probably the best sidekick a person could have. And now you can have one for each foot! Unlike those droids, these are the slippers you're looking for. These wonderfully furry slippers are as warm and cuddly as Chewbacca himself, except the slippers won't rip your arms off if they lose in a game of space-chess. Plus, you can yawn and make incoherent grunting noises to pretend your feet are talking to one another. If your toes sometimes feel like they're frozen in carbonite, you'll love the comfy warmth of these slippers! Rrrrrrr-ghghghghgh!

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Gino R.
Oct 8, 2014
A New Hope

These wookies look more somber than I thought they’d look, I guess that makes sense because it’s been many years since Chewy’s been to his home planet of Kashyyyk. Any true Star Wars fan would appreciate these slippers. I wouldn’t want to wait for J.J. Abrams’s Episode VII in anything else. I’d recommend these to anyone strong with the Force.
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Kelley Davis
Dec 1, 2017
Adorable and very soft

Disadvantages: Wish they had a closed back, like a shoe, but really cute!
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andrea saab
Jan 12, 2016
these slippers are very cute but there is not enough cushion.

Disadvantages: Not very cushioned
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Marijo Klingler
Jan 4, 2016
They were so timely (With the most recent Star Wars mania) and hard to find! Very cute and comfortable, too!
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Caroline Broddin
Dec 29, 2015
Dear bunnyslippers,

My review is for the most part not on the individual slippers I bought (although we all like them very much), but on the excellent service.

I ordered thee slippers December 12th, and got the note that they would arrive in 2 à 3 weeks to deliver them to me in Belgium. Which was a bit of a setback since I had planned to give them as x-mas presents. Only 12 days later, on the 24th, the postal delivery dropped them of, just in time to wrap them and lay them under the tree.

I can say this wasn't the first time, our previous order from came also a week earlier then expected.

I know that it was not only you but probably also American postal service I need to thank for this, but still I appreciate it very much that you deliveries come faster then expected.

Advantages: Faster then expected delivered

Disadvantages: Soles kinda were out fast
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Nov 25, 2014
I don't know what it is, but I found these to be compelling. The Chewie heads are something to behold. Fast shipping too.
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