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Stingray Slippers

Stingray Slippers
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If you're looking for unique footwear - consider the stingray slippers. Rendered in a deep shade of gunmetal gray, the diamond-flapped design is unlike anything else on our site. Lined with a slip-free, no-skid base, the stingray slipper's face features a pair black, inky eyeballs. True to the species' majestic nature, the stingray slippers are also adorned with tails stitched to the heel.

A similar style is also available for children!

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S Kamon
Jan 8, 2016
Best slippers EVER. My daughter loves them. High quality. Far exceeded my expectation. Perfect gift. Ordering was easy and received my order before the expected date. Definitely will be back.

Advantages: High quality. Well made.

Disadvantages: None
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Caroline Cote
Dec 17, 2015
Original and very comfy slippers! I love it!
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Jill Battles
Oct 11, 2015
Bought these for my college aged daughter and she loves them! They are super cute, comfy and well made.

Advantages: Stingrays are very fun and unique!

Disadvantages: They are very soft all over but wish the inside was the same super soft fabric as the outside.
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Sahara Burns
Sep 16, 2015
Adorable, comfortable, and I wear them all the time. I wore them to the gas station, WALKED the whole way, and still 100% together, so super durable which I love. My only complaint is that the little manta rays wings, sometimes go under the slipper, but I had considered that would happen. All I do is just pick up my feet more, which in the end is a good thing. So 11/10, cutest slippers ever.

Advantages: Comfy, durable, adorable, warm

Disadvantages: Stepping on the wing (but It should be expected when you buy a slipper like this, it's not even that bad tbh, and this is coming from me an extremely clumsy person)
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