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Warm & Cozy Bear Slippers

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Keep feet warm and cozy with these heatable, aromatic Bear Slippers. Incredibly soft and fuzzy, these slippers offer more than your ordinary slipper. Hidden in the top section is a heatable grain filled pack infused with Cypress and Lemongrass pure essential oils. Simply microwave the inserts for 30 seconds then place one inside each slipper pocket to treat your feet to some comforting relaxing heat.

One size fits most, up to a 9 US mens / 11 US womens. The roof is elasticated so it nicely holds the toes in place on various sized feet. Get a pair for these great warm and cozy Bear Slippers for yourself or as a gift for friends and family.

Warm & Cozy Bear Slippers

** Sorry, this item has been discontinued. **

Warm & Cozy
Bear Slippers
Price: $24.95