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Shop Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women!

Looking for some Valentine’s Day gift inspiration? Whether you’re shopping for your wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, or friend–we’ve got some sweet treats for all the ladies in your life! Give her the gift of some fun and cozy slippers she’ll enjoy all year long.

  1. Llama Spa Slippers: These cheerful spa-style slippers feature some cheerful llamas–the perfect accessory for an at-home spa day.
  2. Fuzzy Bear Slippers: A fun twist on the classic Valentine’s Day teddy bear, these friendly bears even have adorable little tails.
  3. Plaid Cat Slippers: With embroidered kitties wearing cute li’l plaid shirts, these slide-on slippers will be a hit with your favorite cat mom!
  4. Fuzzy Ladybug Slippers: Little heart noses make these fabulously fuzzy ladybugs a ready-made Valentine!
  5. Fuzzy Poodle Slippers: Another fuzzy favorite, these adorable Poodles come with little pink bows and embroidered hearts.
  6. Pink Bunny Slippers: Cotton candy pink fur make these Pink Bunnies a Valentine hit! Complete with chubby cheeks, floppy ears, and pillowy soft uppers.
  7. Bichon Frise Slippers: As soft as two powder puffs, these full-foot slippers look like two adorable Bichon Frise Dogs.

Didn’t see exactly what you were looking for? Check out lots more options in our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, or our entire collection of Women’s Slippers. Happy shopping!

Holiday Gift Inspiration: Shop Slippers for Men!

If you’re searching high and low for fun and festive holiday gifts for Dads, Grandpas, Brothers, Uncles, Sons, and more, look no further! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite picks for the men in your life: these fun and cozy slippers they’ll enjoy year-round.

  1. Black Bear Paw Slippers: A customer favorite, these cozy bear paws feature claws, soft black plush, and a woodsy red plaid lining, making them a great gift for your favorite outdoorsman.
  2. Bulldog Slippers: These playful pups look just like two Bulldogs–right down to their wrinkly heads!
  3. Lion Slippers: Now here’s a gift fit for a king! These regal slippers feature manes, tails, and tawny coats–and they’re as warm as two lions basking in the sun.
  4. Shark Slippers: Chomp chomp! These ferocious Shark Slippers feature fins, tails, gills, and lots of felt teeth!
  5. Monty Python Killer Rabbit Slippers: For fans of bunny slippers, Monty Python, or both, these Killer Rabbits (as seen in Monty Python and the Holy Grail), make a hilarious gift.
  6. Yeti Abominable Snowman Feet Slippers: A great gift for a cryptozoologist, these larger-than-life Yeti feet have soft white plush and frosty blue toes–but they’re warm and cozy on the inside!
  7. Turtle Slippers: With fins, shells, and sleepy eyes, these Sea Turtles are so life-like they look like they’re about to swim away!

For lots more Men’s Slippers, check out our entire collection here! Happy Shopping!

Shop Holiday Gifts for Women!

If you’re looking for a gift for all the ladies on your holiday list–mom, grandma, daughter, aunt, bff, co-worker, or gal pal–check out our selection of fun and cozy slippers for women! Here are a few of our favorite holiday picks for ladies!

  1. Blue Narwhal Slippers: With fins, tails, horns, and sparkling blue plush, these beautiful blue Narwhals are sure to make a splash!
  2. Pink Pig Slippers: Oink! These pink Piggies feature the chubby cheeks and piggy noses of your favorite barnyard buddy.
  3. Pink Bunny Slippers: The color of soft pink cotton candy, these adorable bun buns feel like wearing two puffy clouds on your feet.
  4. Fuzzy Frog Slippers: We’re not sure why these adorable froggies are wearing pink bows… but it sure is cute! Made with fabulously textured fuzzy plush footbeds, they’ll give your feet a gentle massage.
  5. Peach Slippers: What’s sweeter than a peach? These slippers, made in a slip-on style, feature two plush peaches on a bed of cream.
  6. Fuzzy Elephant Slippers: With trumpeting trunks and big floppy ears, these friendly elephants feature an easy-wearing slip on style and cushioned footbeds.
  7. Bichon Frise Slippers: Like two soft powder puffs, these adorable Bichons will be her new best friends. Arf! (If Bichons aren’t her thing, find her favorite breed here!)

If you’d like to see all these and more, view our entire collection of Slippers for Women!

Shop Holiday Gifts for Kids!

If you’re searching for holiday gifts for the kids in your life–look no further! From Paws to Butterflies to Billy Goats, We’ve got animal slippers of all stripes for all the animal-loving kiddos you know. Check out these eight favorite picks, or browse our entire collection of Kids Slippers!

  1. Kids Leopard Paw Slippers: With an over-the-ankle style and a soft fleece lining, these are the coziest slippers on the list! Your little wild thing will love the leopard spots and ferocious claws.
  2. Kids Monkey Sock Slippers: These slim-fitting slippers have the sweet and mischievous faces of two little monkeys–complete with ears and tails Perfect for a re-enactment of “10 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”!
  3. Dinosaur Baby Rattle Socks: Because you’re never too young for animal slippers, we bring you these adorable Dinosaur socks for babies under 1. Soft cotton socks feature little plush dinosaurs, which contain little rattles… entertainment for hours!
  4. Kids Dinosaur Slippers: For a slightly bigger dinosaur lover, check out these fabulously fun green dinos, with spikes, felt teeth, and sparkly eyes!
  5. Kids Duck Feet Slippers: These slippers are so cute and funny…they’ll provide hours of imaginative play for a toddler (and their adults will get a kick out of it too!) Quack!
  6. Kids Goat Slippers: We love all the details of these two Billy Goats–cloven hooves, horns, ears, spotted coats, and even long beards.
  7. Kids Butterfly Slippers: The most fanciful slippers on our list, these bright and brilliant Butterflies will have your little one fluttering around the house!
  8. Kids Dog Slippers: With the floppy ears and a spot over the eye, just like your favorite mutt, these Dog Slippers will be your kiddo’s loyal companions all throughout the year.

Shopping for a Corgi Lover? Check out our Gift Guide!

Nothing’s cuter than a Corgi…from their short li’l legs, to their giant ears, to their fluffy, floofy, poofy butts!!! If you’re a Corgi lover, or are shopping for one, check out our roundup of gifts that are *almost* as cute as the real thing!

  1. Corgi Slippers: These adorable house slippers look just like a pair of Pembroke Welsh Corgis… they’re so comfy they’ll make you feel like a queen! (Or king!)
  2. Corgi Marshmallows: Corgi Marshmallows?!?! CORGI MARSHMALLOWS!!! We can hardly believe these exist… they’re absolutely perfect.
  3. Personalized Corgi Keychain: If a Corgi holds the key to your heart… you need a Corgi keychain. We love that this one can be personalized with an initial!
  4. Welsh Corgi Baseball Hat: We love this cap with a subtle, embroidered Corgi face… for those occasions when you want to proclaim your Corgi love in a sophisticated way.
  5. Corgi Tote Bag: If you can’t take your Corgi everywhere you go… you can at least take your Corgi tote bag. We love this adorable black and white photo and how it captures a joyful expression!
  6. We Hope You Like Corgis Doormat: Let your visitors know exactly what to expect when they arrive… that Corgis rule the house!
  7. Corgi Ceramic Planter Pot: If you are lucky enough to know a Corgi Mom (or Dad) who’s also a Plant Mom (or Dad), this gift is a real slam dunk… combining both loves into one adorable planter!
  8. Corgi Butt Floor Pillow: This comfy floor pillow is almost as soft and floofy as a, well, a Corgi Butt! With an allover Corgi Butt print, it will be beloved by both people and pups alike.

Follow our DIY Guides to Create a Fun and Comfy Halloween Costume! (Over 30 Ideas!)

Hop on over to our Costume Guide page, and get inspired to create your own DIY Halloween costume! We’ve got over thirty costume ideas, ranging from the spooky, to the funny, to the cute. And don’t worry about being uncomfortable this year… ALL these costumes include comfy cozy slippers!

Here are a few of this year’s favorite picks:

Whether you’re a fan of the original 1985 film, or the 2011 series, you, too, can transform yourself into a basketball-playing werewolf! Check out out full guide to create this Teen Wolf costume.

Elle Woods took Harvard Law by storm (What…like it’s hard?!) and now you can channel her fabulously litigious style… complete with two Bruisers! Read the full guide to get the look!

Where my Holmies at?! You can transform yourself into the famed detective, with a cloak, a hat, a pipe, and some help from two crime-sniffing Beagle Slippers. But how, you ask? Solving this mystery is easy: check out the full guide!

If Sherlock, Elle, and Teen Wolf aren’t your style… peruse our entire collection of ooky and spooky, funny and fuzzy, legendary and culinary Costume Guides!

Congratulations to our Photo Caption Contest Winners!

We asked our friends and fans to enter our 2021 Photo Caption Contest by writing a funny and unique caption to the photo above… and, WOW! You all made us LOL! Our dedicated team of caption-readers had the honor of reading every entry…and we somehow were able to narrow it down to three winners. (It’s a hard job, but somebody’s got to do it!)

Let’s get started! We’d like to present our Third Place entry, a twist on the classic “blame the dog” trope, submitted by Trung D. Congratulations, Trung, you have won the $25 gift certificate!

Moving right along, here is our illustrious Second Place winner, Bonnie S.! We all know dogs love to chew on slippers, but Pug Slippers gave this Pug second thoughts… Bonnie has won the $50 gift certificate!

And now, without further ado… here is our First Place winning caption, submitted by Amber B.! Amber has won the $100 gift certificate… Congratulations!

Please put your paws together for a round of applause for all our winners, and everybody who entered! Stay tuned for more fun contests in the future… you’re all winners to us!

P.S. If this contest has inspired you to get some Pug Slippers of your own… check them out here!

Enter our Photo Caption Contest to Win Free Slippers!

Hey you! Are you funny? Think you’ve got what it takes to create a meme-worthy photo caption? Well, it’s your time to shine! Enter our Photo Caption Contest for a chance to win free slippers! All you’ve gotta do is think of a funny and creative caption for the photo above, and you could win one of these three fabulous prizes:

First place prize: $100 gift certificate to

Second place prize: $50 gift certificate to

Third place prize: $25 gift certificate to

Best of all, EVERYBODY who answers will get a 20% off coupon to use on any order! What are you waiting for? Hop on over to our contest page and send us your best caption. Good luck!

Eight Adorable Gifts for Hedgehog Lovers

If you’re shopping for somebody who LOVES Hedgehogs, check out this fun Hedgie-inspired gift guide! We’ve gathered up our favorite picks that are sure to delight a Hedgehog Mom, Dad, or mega-fan. (And they’re all under $30!)

  1. Fuzzy Hedgehog Slippers: With extra fluffy two-toned fur, tiny felt ears, and adorable upturned noses, these are the cutest Hedgehog slippers we’ve ever seen.
  2. Impossible Love Carry-All Pouch: Featuring a hopeful Hedgie trying to hug a balloon, this sweet little zipper pouch comes in three sizes…perfect for carrying all your li’l stuff!
  3. Hedgehog Succulent Planter: If somebody loves Hedgehogs AND plants…bingo! This adorable hedgehog planter is filled with colorful succulents.
  4. Walking Bouquet Art Print: This lovely art print features a Hedgehog with flowers in its spines… get it framed for an extra classy gift!
  5. Hedgehog Socks: These comfy socks feature lots of li’l Hedgies on a black background… so stylish!
  6. Hedgehog Folk Art Mug: Painted with colorful folk-art-inspired flowers, this mug features a tiny message inside that reminds you to “Enjoy the little things…”
  7. Hedgehog Enamel Pin: Pop this handsome black and gold pin on a lapel or bag, to stylishly proclaim your love of the Hedgie. (A portion of sales on this item benefit a Hedgehog Rescue…love it!)
  8. Realistic Hedgehog Patch: With immaculate detailing, this sew-on or iron-on patch looks just like a mini-Hedgehog.