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Grown Man In Diaper And Bunny Slippers Wanders Times Square

Today in curious: this man, an editor at Maxim magazine, regressing shamelessly back into childhood. Clad mostly in a diaper and our classic bunny slippers, he wanders aimlessly in Times Square, hamming it up with the locals, all for our… benefit? Yeah, benefit.

Sorry, not sorry.


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Duckling Grooming Baby Bunny Is Now A Thing

Another week, another video with interspecies cuddling, in this case a duckling and a baby bunny. Watch as they snuggle up next to each other! The video’s true highlight comes at the :36 second mark when the duckling wryly tilts his head, as if to say, “Who me?” EEK!

Source: SayOMG

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AWW: Look At This Palm-Sized Baby Bunny Twitch His Nose!

Adorable footage here of a tiny baby bun — a holland lop according to the video’s official descrip — cupped in the palm of his owner’s hand.


Source: Irwinke via Cute Overload

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LOL: This Bunny Has An Eye For Optics


His name is Mister Bob Harris — MBH to his close friends — and his taste in optical accoutrements is impeccable. Note how the frames perfectly compliment his orange and brown shadings!

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Bunny Puts A Check On Cat’s Tail Wagging Privileges

Source: YouTube via Jezebel

Meet Monti the cat. Tucked away in his little cat tunnel, he likes to swing his tail back and forth. Waffles the bunny? Not a huge fan of said tail wagging. The result is an adorable, but harmless, squabble, caught here on film for the benefit of the Internet. Enjoy!

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ADORBS: Navy Corpsman Rescues 4 Baby Bunnies, Nurses Them Back To Health

Meet Steven, Raymond, Vaughn, and James, four baby bunnies.

Source: Imgur

A Navy Corpsman, Joshua Bisnar (a.k.a. Redditor Tokyomaneater69), stumbled across them at Camp Pendleton, California.

He notes on Reddit:

And as I was raking the volleyball court at the barracks I found a dead rabbit (fully grown). As I continued raking I found a small hole with 4 tiny tiny rabbits in it. I grabbed a box put a few old shirts into it and picked up the bunnies. I researched how to raise them and what to feed them. I made a nice box for them to live in a and bottle fed them until I could ween them to eat the local foods. After a couple months I brought them to a wild life rescue because they were starting to jump out of their box. It was a lot of hard work but I loved the bunnies…

Here’s a pic of the feeding process.

Source: Imgur

And another to provide some scale and perspective.

Source: Imgur

OMG, here’s video, and the bunny has “a beard of milk”. This story has officially gone “NEXT LEVEL”!

Source: YouTube via BuzzFeed

Our kudos to Joshua, he has won the Internet this week with compassion and empathy. The world needs more individuals like this!

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Biggest Bunny Ralph

OMG: The Story Of Ralph, The World’s Biggest Bunny

Not exactly your average hare hopper, but just as adorable, a Continental Giant rabbit from the UK named Ralph takes the title of the biggest bunny in the world.

And we mean that literally, as this 55-pound mega-hare has officially been acclaimed as the world’s biggest rabbit by the Guinness Book of World Records.

biggest bunny

Image source: Daily Mirror

Interestingly enough, this is the second time Ralph has claimed such a title, as the 4-year-old rabbit already saw the biggest bunny throne prior to being outweighed by yet another UK-based giant, a 49-pound jumper named Darius. Ralph is currently heavier than he’s ever been, weighting more than an average 3-year-old child.
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