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The Egg Hunt: 2015 Winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Easter Egg Hunt! We hope you had fun.

Our Easter Bunny did a good job hiding the eggs this year: there were a few eggs that went unnoticed, including the $100 top prize, but four of you found eggs and have won prizes!

Congratulations to our eagle-eyed winners:

Heather B. noticed an egg hidden with our Panda Socks, and wins a pair of Fuzzy Cow Slippers.

John V. found an egg hidden on the Hippo Hooded Towel, and wins a pair of Fuzzy Bee Slippers.

Suzy B. found an egg hidden in the Classic Red Moose Spa Slippers, and wins a pair of Orange Tiger Paw Slippers.

Fejes K. discovered the egg hidden on the Udderly Adorable Cow Pajama Top page, and wins a $50 gift certificate!

Thank you all for playing! Check out our Egg Hunt page for a special treat for all participants, and don’t forget: place your Easter orders by tomorrow, March 26, to ensure your slippers arrive in time!

Play & Win Prizes In The Egg Hunt!

The Egg Hunt is almost here! Tomorrow afternoon through Tuesday, search our site to find the hidden eggs for a chance to win great prizes, including a $100 gift certificate.

Want a hint?
Tell your friends, through your blog or Facebook page! Find out how here.

Don’t forget: place your standard shipping orders by Thursday, March 26 to ensure delivery in time for Easter!

Announcing The Third Egg Hunt!

Hello Bunny Slippers fans! We have some special and exciting news to share with you.

Next Friday, March 20, marks the beginning of our third Easter Egg Hunt!

A dozen eggs will be hidden somewhere on our site for you to find: be the first to find an egg, and you’ll win a prize!

You can get more information about the Egg Hunt, including how you can get a hint to help you out, here.

The Easter Bunny Problem

We generally keep it light here at From Hop To Pop, but today we want to share a public service announcement from our friends at Dug Dug.

As they note, rabbits are often gifted as pets during Spring without the necessary forethought or appreciation for the commitment involved. When the novelty wears off, families return the bunnies to shelters (or worse), creating a needless burden for both humans and animals. As a remedy, they’ve put together the infographic embedded below, which brings the issue into closer focus.


Read more about how you can help here.

Contact us: travis [at]

Coming Friday: The 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

Hi friends!

We’re busy pulling together the 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt! Said contest will commence, as the graphic below notes, on Friday, March 29th at 1:30 EST (or 10:30 PST for our friends on the West Coast).


This year’s edition of the egg hunt will include even more prizes than the inaugural event. Included amongst them will be one $100 gift card egg, one $50 gift card egg, bunny slippers, animal slippers, awesome socks care of our friends at Sock It To Me, and an exclusive coupon code that will activate a 20% discount on orders placed through Sunday, March 31st (limited to stock on hand).

For details on how to play and claim your prize, read the finer points below.

1. The $100 gift egg (pictured below) will be embedded on our site — perhaps a product page, or a menu, or even here on the blog (but NOT this post) — on Friday afternoon at 1:30 PM (EST). The first person to find it and email us at sales [at] with the correct url of its location will claim the prize!


2. Likewise, the $50 gift egg (also shown below) will also be embedded on a page at the same time. Again, the first person to find it and email us at sales [at] bunny with the correct url of its location will win the prize!


Note that an individual can win only one of the main prizes…

3. Finally, we’ll spread an assortment of smaller prizes — one pair of our classic bunny slippers, a pair of animal slippers (winner’s choice), and 3 pairs of awesome animal socks — around our site. As with the two top prizes, the first individuals to email us will their respective locations will be our winners.

4. There will also be a coupon-coded egg, pictured below, that can be used once per customer, but up to 50 times total (i.e. there will be 50 winners of this prize). The graphic for the coupon will include the actual code itself, which can then be applied at checkout to save 20% on your order total (excludes shipping). As a friendly reminder, it should be noted that this coupon expires at midnight on Easter, which is Sunday, March 31st…


Good luck and happy hunting!

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This Gallery Of 32 Amazing Rabbit GIFS Is The Best Thing You Will Find On The Internet. Ever.


Animated GIFS – what was once the humble vessel of mindless entertainment has become, in the eyes of some, a legitimate art form. Here then are 10, no 32, examples of the form, ranging from the cute to the clever, that honor bunnies in motion (if static, click on the image to activate).

1. Just one of the many perks of having a rabbit to call your own.

Bunny Letter Opener

2. Check out this adorable snow bunny tearing down the slopes!

Snow Rabbit

3. This rabbit is old school. I bet he used to hang out on AOL message boards and spend all day making websites in Geocities.

ASCII bunny

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Adjust Those Rabbit Ear Antenna for the Top 10 TV Bunnies

Here at H2P, we’ve covered Bunny Pitchmen and Rabbits on the Radio, but somehow we forgot to include beloved TV bunnies. Oh, darn! Luckily, the Huffington Post stepped in to fill the void as part of their Easter material this year with their TV Bunnies Throughout History list. Of their 10, we picked our top 3 (plus one MAJOR rabbit they missed!) to share with you below.

#1. Bean Bunny from The Muppets

#2. Ickis from Aaahh!!!! Real Monsters (Okay, so technically Ickis is a Monster, not a rabbit. However, we’re willing – as Huffpo presumably was – to make a concession for one of the best Nickelodeon cartoons to come out of the ’90s.)

#3. Buster from Arthur

One rabbit (well, sort of) we felt the list was lacking comes from Adult Swim classic Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The very first episode of the show featured a giant rabbit robot, Rabbot.

Find your favorite TV rabbit woefully overlooked? Let us know in the comments!

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H2P Special Report: US Presidents and Easter Bunnies

Each year in early April, families around the United States open their eyes and hurry out to the kitchen table to see what the Easter Bunny has lovingly placed in their basket. The Easter Bunny is a well-liked household figure for many homes in America – a symbol of dedication, hard work, and sweet, sweet candy. But the Easter Bunny does more than just bring chocolate bunnies door-to-door. What if I told you that the Easter Bunny also makes a delivery to the White House on Easter? A very special delivery… A giant Easter egg roll on the White House South lawn!

Here are some glamour shots of the President hamming it up with the Super Secret Member of Seal Team 6 Easter Bunny:

Obama whispers state secrets into the Easter Bunny's attentive ear

Obama whispers state secrets into the Easter Bunny’s attentive ear

The President and the Easter Bunny share a laugh

The President and the Easter Bunny share a laugh

And a throwback:

President Bush gives the Easter Bunny a warm hug

President Bush gives the Easter Bunny a warm hug

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