Slippers Guide: Slippers for Tough Guys

Tough Guy Slippers

This week’s Slippers Guide is all about rough guys. If you prefer living your life on the tough side, than you should have an appropriate set of slippers to match, wouldn’t you agree? So join us for a brief rundown of some of the toughest slippers the web has to offer.

Grizzly Bear Slippers

Grizzly Bear Slippers

Symbolizing strength, power and toughness, grizzly bear slippers are bound to make you the boss of the house, at least until the missus starts roaring.

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Cthulhu Slippers

Cthulhu Slippers

The most powerful creature in the history of the universe was a shoo-in for our list. I mean, can one ever be tougher than Cthulhu?

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Godzilla Slippers

Godzilla Slippers

He’ll wreck Tokyo to pieces, but he’ll also keep your tootsies warm and the bad guys away. Watch out, Godzilla’s coming to town!

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T-Rex Slippers

T Rex Slippers

The toughest of all dinosaurs, the legendary t-rex is the roughest creature ever to have walked the face of Earth.

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