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Sizing Guide

How to Measure Your Feet

Step 1:

Stand up straight with your back against the wall. Place a piece of blank paper under your foot, making sure both your heel and the paper are flush against the wall.

Step 2:

Have a friend mark the longest part of your foot on the piece of paper. This measures your heel-to-toe length.

Step 3:

Use a ruler to measure your heel-to-toe length, and repeat with the other foot!

Have More Questions?

If you have questions we haven't answered here, please feel free to contact us at sales@bunnyslippers.com. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have to ensure you get the right slipper.

Please note that just as every foot is a unique shape and size, so are the slippers. These values are a close approximation, but we cannot guarantee an exact match.

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Spider-Man Slippers

Spider-Man Slippers
Spider-Man Slippers
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With great comfort comes great responsibility. It will take all the self control you can muster to take these Spiderman slippers off your feet. Each Spiderman slipper features the masked face of unlikely and reluctant hero Peter Parker, with the red and black spider web pattern. The inside heel of the slipper is embellished with the Spiderman spider logo, and the slipper soles are a contrasting blue.

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