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Sizing Guide

How to Measure Your Feet

Step 1:

Stand up straight with your back against the wall. Place a piece of blank paper under your foot, making sure both your heel and the paper are flush against the wall.

Step 2:

Have a friend mark the longest part of your foot on the piece of paper. This measures your heel-to-toe length.

Step 3:

Use a ruler to measure your heel-to-toe length, and repeat with the other foot!

Have More Questions?

If you have questions we haven't answered here, please feel free to contact us at We are more than happy to answer any questions you have to ensure you get the right slipper.

Please note that just as every foot is a unique shape and size, so are the slippers. These values are a close approximation, but we cannot guarantee an exact match.

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Cozy Leopard Slipper Booties

Cozy Leopard Slipper Booties
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Give your feet the ultimate treat with our microwavable Cozy Leopard Slipper Booties! Filled with specially treated flax seeds and lavender, just pop these babies in the microwave to create healing heat and release soothing aromatherapy. Your feet will be as warm as leopards basking in the sun!

With soft soles, these boots are more of a foot-warmer than a traditional slipper. Made of a soft leopard-print plush with non-slip grips on soles. Soft elastic at the ankles gently holds boot in place.

• Footbed measures 10.5”
• One size fits Women's sizes 6-10 / Men’s 5-9
• Comes with microwaving instructions

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Carol Kenyon
Sep 10, 2020
I love my leopard slippers. They are so comfy. The came quickly. Thank you.

Advantages: warmth. soft

Disadvantages: none
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Brittany Henderson
Nov 28, 2018
I was recently diagnosed with ms and my feet are cold all the time. I have worn three pairs of socks and my feet are still cold. These slippers have changed that completely! My feet are finally warm and I am loving it!

Advantages: Warm, comfy, cute

Disadvantages: Heavy to walk in when walking is already tough.
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Oct 20, 2017
I ordered these for my wife for her birthday. After we stuck them in the microwave to heat them up, I immediately put them on her feet.

Her head then proceeded to tilt back, her eyes rolled back into her head, and she let out a relaxing "Ahhhhhhhhh"!

These boots (they're more like socks) are very well made with fragrent natural lavender stuffed into them. I enjoyed them too...

They're very fluffy and kudos to the company! Your customer service is TOP NOTCH!

These are DEFINITELY something you're going to want to get for that woman in you life...for Christmas, birthday, or just because...

Advantages: -Super naturally fragrent
-Warmth made my wife roll her eyes back
-Easy to use
-Well made
-Super furry
-Men will enjoy them too

Disadvantages: -They're not really used as slippers. More like socks.
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