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Ostrich Animal Slippers

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Ostrich Animal Slippers

Don’t like these slippers? Get your head out of the sand! Don’t you see that plush, brown fabric and foam sole? The fur lined ostrich wings and neck? Need I point your attention to the attractively sewn details of the ostrich neck, head, beak and eyes? They’re cute! They’re comfortable! They’re a pair of ostriches!! What are you waiting for? Buy a pair for everyone you know with the guts to slip their feet into such strange and sassy comfort.


Product Reviews

Ostriches Are A Hit
"My husband gushed over the slippers for weeks and showed them off to literally everyone that walked in the house. Love them a lot!"
Nicole, February 2013

Cutest Slippers Ever
THANKS SO MUCH! LOVE MY Ostrich slippers! Appreciate how fast the got here and again. They are adorable, plush and warm... Beautiful!
Lois, December 2013

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