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EEK: Mom Cat Grooms Baby Bunny

On the Internet today: amazing video video of a cat with strong maternal instincts nuzzling a baby bunny. A bit of grooming triggers a full-blown cuddlefest and well, you get the picture. Press play for the good stuff, but you’ve been warned: graphic interspecies cuteness ahead.

Source: YouTube via BuzzFeed

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Police Officers Rescue Ducklings From Sewer, Are Awesome

Source: YouTube | Via: The Pet Collective

And here’s your daily cry: a gaggle of ducklings, stuck under a sewer grate and separated from their anguished mom on the sidewalk above. Who can help, you ask? The police can! Watch the video above for a joyful reconciliation between mom and her brood.

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Mom Duck Coaxes Tiny Ducklings From Ledge With Love, Patience

A bit of patience is required here but you should watch the entire clip (about 3 minutes total) as the reward — an adorable, fuzzy reconciliation between mother and her charges — justifies it! THIS IS HOW YOU PARENT!

Source: YouTube | Via BuzzFeed

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10 Life Lessons Learned From Animal Moms (As Told With YouTube Videos)

We’ve been celebrating Mother’s Day all week here at From Hop To Pop. Tuesday’s post, a gallery of Mom tattoos, tackled a decidedly human phenomena, but today we’re digging into the animal kingdom for inspiration. Posted below, then, are 10 life lessons that we’ve gleaned from doting animal moms (both biological and surrogate), as told with YouTube videos.

1. Sharing is caring. Take the cat in the video below, who nurses an orphaned bunny along with her litter. A-DORBS.


2. Ask for help when you need it. In this next clip, an elephant gives her baby a much-needed push at a time of need.


3. Keep up appearances. Daily grooming sessions are a great way to bond, as demonstrated by this tigress and her cub. (I can’t stop marveling at her tongue, it’s HUGE.)


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