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Music To My Hares: 10 Rabbit Songs

I am hip-hop.

I am hip-hop.

I’m Binks, your hop talk host, and this is a segment I like to call Rabbits on the Radio. We rabbits have been an inspiration to song-penning humans all over the globe. They value us as symbols of innocence and playful sexuality, acknowledge us as pillars of popular culture, and adore us for our long ears and little black eyes. Here then are 10 artists who have in one way or another venerated us in song form.

Let us start by taking you back to June 24, 1967 when Jefferson Airplane released their smash hit “White Rabbit“. A personal favorite of psychedelic bunnies everywhere, lead singer Grace Slick’s thinly veiled drug references managed to squeak by radio censors and crossover to the mainstream.

The song was also used in the Hunter S. Thompson biographic film Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, where Slick’s chilling voice was well matched with the drug-induced psychosis of Thompson’s silver-screen companion, Dr. Gonzo. (Video NSFW)

Jumping ahead in time 42 years to 2009, another tremendously talented female vocalist Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine released “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)” as part of her album Lungs. Welch’s talent and natural beauty has set this rabbit’s heart pounding!

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