(HEAVY) Hop Art at the Drake Hotel

The Drake Hotel in Toronto, Canada is known for being a “hotbed of culture”. During a recent stay there, one of our FH2P editors noticed a eye-catching collection of hop art out on the roof.

'Concreatures' on the roof of the Drake Hotel

‘Concreatures’ on the roof of the Drake Hotel

(Image Source: Drake Hotel website)

The collection, ‘Concreatures at My Window’ is by Toronto-born artist Ross Bonfanti are made by casting the insides of plush animals dolls.

Hello, there!

Hello, there!

The result of his artistic manipulation is a piece that emotionally engages us with memories of stuffed childhood friends. However, while their concrete form literally ‘solidifies’ these memories for us, there’s something about the transformation from colorful plush to hard stone that’s a little unnerving.

I'm not even sure what this one is.

I’m not even sure what this one is.

So, folks – is it cute, creepy, or just the right amount of both?

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