Adjust Those Rabbit Ear Antenna for the Top 10 TV Bunnies

Here at H2P, we’ve covered Bunny Pitchmen and Rabbits on the Radio, but somehow we forgot to include beloved TV bunnies. Oh, darn! Luckily, the Huffington Post stepped in to fill the void as part of their Easter material this year with their TV Bunnies Throughout History list. Of their 10, we picked our top 3 (plus one MAJOR rabbit they missed!) to share with you below.

#1. Bean Bunny from The Muppets

#2. Ickis from Aaahh!!!! Real Monsters (Okay, so technically Ickis is a Monster, not a rabbit. However, we’re willing – as Huffpo presumably was – to make a concession for one of the best Nickelodeon cartoons to come out of the ’90s.)

#3. Buster from Arthur

One rabbit (well, sort of) we felt the list was lacking comes from Adult Swim classic Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The very first episode of the show featured a giant rabbit robot, Rabbot.

Find your favorite TV rabbit woefully overlooked? Let us know in the comments!

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