Ruby Slippers Named One of Smithsonian’s 101 Historical Artifacts

Ruby Slippers

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It’s official – a pair of slippers has found its way among Smithsonian’s 101 artifacts highlighting the history of the United States.

Specifically, we’re talking about the iconic ruby slippers belonging to “The Wizard of Oz” star Dorothy. Recorded back in 1939, the film reached the legendary plateau very few are capable of, hence turning the slippers into a definite cultural symbol encompassing the movie’s impact.

You might know the rubies pair as the world’s most expensive pair of flip-flops, valued at a whopping price of $3 million. The value itself also comes with an interesting story, seeing that MGM initially had numerous pairs made as recording props. But as the time went by, some of them got lost, thrown away, stolen and so forth, coming to a point where only five pairs are known to exist in the world right now.

But back to the recent Smithsonian title, the achievement is clearly no mean feat. We’ll just point out that Neil Armstrong’s space suit, Abe Lincoln’s top hat and Thomas Edison’s lightbulb were also among the listed artifacts. So who knows, maybe we can expect a pair of bunny slippers in one of the US history museums sometime soon.

Ruby Slippers 3 Million

Image source: Wikipedia

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