Slippers Save Man's Life

Slippers Save Man’s Life

Never underestimate what slippers can do at the right moment, as there is a man out there who owes his life to one such pair.

If you are in need further persuasion, allow us to introduce you to Wiggo Koffed. As a cook on the Boston trawling ship named “Spray,” Koffed once got caught up in his fishing lines at the worst possible moment, just as a 600-pound shark grabbed the bait and started pulling on it with maximum power and force.

Shark Slippers

The shark’s sudden pull caused the fishing line to act as if it was a cobra, uncontrollably dragging the unfortunate cook over the side. But that’s when his luck took a turn for the better, as Wiggo was wearing slippers. How can that possibly be of any use, you might ask?

Well, the slippers aren’t firmly attached to the person wearing them, so they fell off cook’s feet and swished into the water on their own, basically saving the man’s life, seeing that he would have certainly met his maker if he fell into the shark-infested bay.

Had I been wearing shoes, I surely would have been carried overboard,” the cook told the Norwalk Hour after the terrifying experience.

So it was either die with your boots on or live with the slippers for Koffed, and thankfully he made the right choice. Whether it’s the classic bunny slippers, geeky Star Wars slippers or the killer dragon slippers you prefer, make sure you treat them well, as they just might prove as a lifesaver.

Slippers Save Man's Life

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