Travel: Slippers From Around the World

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If you plan on trekking across the world, and there’s no doubt you’d like that, you should kick off your journey well-prepared, especially slippers-wise. They might like an everyday item to some, but slippers in fact come with a rich culture and heritage. Join us in our rundown of some of the most awesome slippers from around the globe.


Clogs Slippers

Commonly associated with the Dutch culture, clogs don’t seem like the comfiest type of footwear, but you’d be surprised if you ever slipped into one. Apart from that, they’re cheap and surprisingly practical.


Espadrilles Slippers

If light-weight slippers that you can actually wear outside during sizzling hot summer days are what you need, espadrilles are the thing for you. Coming from the Spanish region, they can make your summer walk a whole lot easier.


Moccassins Slippers

We’re delving among the Indian tribes right now. Allowing their wearers to chug across the rugged terrain, moccasins are bound to keep your feet comfy at any time.


Geta Slippers

A research of Japanese culture brings us to getas – Samurai Jack wore them, so they’re definitely cool! Not the most comfiest choice, but still bound to keep your feet our of mud and ground dirt.

Churchill Slippers

Churchill Slippers

Epitomizing the British culture, we bring you Churchill slippers! Made from the finest nappa leather and a real leather sole, they have a single purpose – keeping your posh tootsies warm and comfy.


Tsarouhi Slippers

We’ll round up our journey in Greece and their traditional tsarouhi slippers. Quite fuzzy and a bit peculiar to say the least, one thing’s for sure – you have a definite attention grabber here!