Ruby Slippers

World’s Most Expensive Slippers Valued at $3 Million

Did you know that the most expensive shoe in the world is actually a slipper? Not exactly as cute as bunny slippers, but just as famous, the globally renowned Ruby slippers earned their recognition as the footwear of choice of young Dorothy, the star character of legendary 1939 MGM movie The Wizard of Oz.

Ruby Slippers

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Little did Dorothy know that those tiny slippers she wore over seven decades ago will ultimately become one of the most valuable movie memorabilia in the history of film, as they are currently estimated at an astonishing value of $3 million.

At the time, hardly anyone had the capability to grasp just how pricey the slippers from a now iconic film would become. Therefore, they were treated like any other disposable prop, tossed around warehouses and even thrown away as garbage.

Most Expensive Slippers

So despite the fact that many Ruby slippers were originally made for the movie, only five pairs are currently known to be in existence. More recently, one pair got stolen back in 2005, never to be recovered again.

Seeing that they were often just laying around on piles of infinite movie props, some of the slippers ended up in hands of film studio workers, who occasionally used to grab random items from warehouses and take them home as souvenirs.

One such worker was costumer Kent Warner, who obtained the legendary slippers in 1970 from the basement of MGM’s wardrobe department. He subsequently sold them for $15,000, a hefty sum at the time, and even today for that matter, but minuscule when compared to the astonishing $3 million figure they could fetch. Not exactly the story of Ronald Wayne and Apple, but the price difference is still quite a big one.

Nevertheless, the magical story of “Wizard of Oz” and the Ruby slippers as its almost critical part live on, and will most certainly continue to do so in many years to come.


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