Batman vs. Superman



With the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie reaching theatres in 2016, we thought we’d give you some context. In this post, we’ll break down our Batman and Superman Slippers to help you decide who would win an epic battle between the two!


When it comes to color, we have to give it to Superman. His vibrant combination of red, blue and yellow stands out, giving these slippers more of a WOW factor. While Batman’s colors do indeed mimic the nighttime mammal, in a battle of color, we think brighter is better.


Both our Batman and Superman slippers win when it comes to how well they perform. They keep your super feet warm and cozy as you peruse the papers, trying to figure out which villain to target next.

Alter Ego:

True to superhero fashion, we decided to see which slipper would win in a duel of incognito. We have to give our Batman slippers this win. While his colors might be bold and brawny, their volume doesn’t help so much when you’re trying to live with an Alter Ego.


This really wasn’t a contest. When it comes to comfort, both of these slippers are Super Heroes. Plush and cushy foot beds cradle your feet in super comfort. The soft velvety fleece feels terrific against cold and tired feet. It’s a win-win situation with either the Batman Slippers or our Superman Slippers. Both are super heroes for your feet!

All in all, you can’t go wrong with our Super Hero slippers. Whether you’re faster than a speeding bullet or the nighttime crusader of Gotham City, you’re sure to have the most comfortable feet on your days off.