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Green Slippers Help Rare African Bird Walk Again

So it turns out that not only can slippers save a man’s life, but also the life of a cute little African Crowned Crane bird.

As the story goes, this rare crane from the Paradise Park in Hayle, Cornwall suffered from curled toes, which proved to be life threatening. That’s when a set of customized green slippers stepped in to save the day.

Green Slippers Duck

After the birdie was set up with a pair of hip slips, the recovery began almost instantly. We might say that a cool set of mallard duck slippers would have done better, or maybe even a pair of pink flamingo slippers if you are more on the wild side, but nevertheless, the little guy is doing OK and that’s all that matters.

For the first few days we put small bandages on the chick’s toes as they were slightly curled, and this just helped straightened things out,” curator David Woolcock tells the Daily Mail. “The chick is doing very well and is currently off show, although can sometimes be seen on the grass in front of Glanmor House at the center of the park as keepers take the chick for a walk to help strengthen those legs.

The African Crowned Crane is an endangered bird species typically found in marshes, cultivated lands and grassy flatlands close to rivers and lakes in the regions of South Africa. Adult specimens usually reach height of about 3.3 feet and an average weight of 7.7 pounds.

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Slippers Save Man's Life

Slippers Save Man’s Life

Never underestimate what slippers can do at the right moment, as there is a man out there who owes his life to one such pair.

If you are in need further persuasion, allow us to introduce you to Wiggo Koffed. As a cook on the Boston trawling ship named “Spray,” Koffed once got caught up in his fishing lines at the worst possible moment, just as a 600-pound shark grabbed the bait and started pulling on it with maximum power and force.

Shark Slippers

The shark’s sudden pull caused the fishing line to act as if it was a cobra, uncontrollably dragging the unfortunate cook over the side. But that’s when his luck took a turn for the better, as Wiggo was wearing slippers. How can that possibly be of any use, you might ask?

Well, the slippers aren’t firmly attached to the person wearing them, so they fell off cook’s feet and swished into the water on their own, basically saving the man’s life, seeing that he would have certainly met his maker if he fell into the shark-infested bay.

Had I been wearing shoes, I surely would have been carried overboard,” the cook told the Norwalk Hour after the terrifying experience.

So it was either die with your boots on or live with the slippers for Koffed, and thankfully he made the right choice. Whether it’s the classic bunny slippers, geeky Star Wars slippers or the killer dragon slippers you prefer, make sure you treat them well, as they just might prove as a lifesaver.

Slippers Save Man's Life

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Ruby Slippers

World’s Most Expensive Slippers Valued at $3 Million

Did you know that the most expensive shoe in the world is actually a slipper? Not exactly as cute as bunny slippers, but just as famous, the globally renowned Ruby slippers earned their recognition as the footwear of choice of young Dorothy, the star character of legendary 1939 MGM movie The Wizard of Oz.

Ruby Slippers

Image source:

Little did Dorothy know that those tiny slippers she wore over seven decades ago will ultimately become one of the most valuable movie memorabilia in the history of film, as they are currently estimated at an astonishing value of $3 million.
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Police Officers Rescue Ducklings From Sewer, Are Awesome

Source: YouTube | Via: The Pet Collective

And here’s your daily cry: a gaggle of ducklings, stuck under a sewer grate and separated from their anguished mom on the sidewalk above. Who can help, you ask? The police can! Watch the video above for a joyful reconciliation between mom and her brood.

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And Now, For My Last Trick…

Tobias Gundorff Boesen is a talented guy. His video, “Out of a Forest”, presents a touching, thoughtful look at the cycles of life and the *magic* therein. It has won numerous awards, both in Denmark where the film was shot, and other countries with good reason. The stop-animated  offering as much philosophical stimulus for the mind as it does breath-taking visuals. Enjoy, but be warned! It’s a bit of a tear-jerker.

Out Of A Forest from Tobias Gundorff Boesen on Vimeo.

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