This is NOT a Bunny!

As the internet’s premier cute bunny experts, we take our jobs very seriously, and we need to warn you about a very dangerous issue facing our world today. Did you know that there are a lot of FAKE BUNNIES out there? Some may have very clever disguises. They may look cute, they may look cuddly, they may have long bunny ears, but they are NOT BUNNIES. Please educate yourself and try to avoid these dangerous imposters.

Exhibit 1: This is NOT a bunny. Please note its guilty expression. It knows it’s NOT a bunny!!

Exhibit 2: This very clever charlatan has long bunny ears and a fluffy cotton ball tail. At first you’re thinking, “Sure, of course, that’s a bunny.” But wait! It appears to have another, LONG SCALY TAIL. When an animal has TWO tails, you have to ask yourself: “Is this a bunny?!” The answer is NO.

Exhibit 3: Now this has be a bunny, you might be saying. Look at its long bunny ears! WRONG. This is NOT A BUNNY. You’ve been swindled by a LLAMA!!!

Exhibit 4: This master of disguises has been known to fool even the savviest bunny experts. It’s white. It’s fluffy. It has adorable whiskers. But if you zoom and enhance, you can see that this is NOT a bunny. This is a naughty, naughty, tricky CAT!!!

Exhibit 5: Let’s examine the facts, and only the facts. This bunny has a fuzzy tummy, cute lil paws, and four ears. WAIT A MINUTE. Four ears?!?! This is NOT a bunny! If you see this NOT BUNNY coming your way, DO NOT PET, no matter how cute it appears to be!

Exhibit 6: If a bunny is taller than you, it is NOT A BUNNY.

Exhibit 7: If a bunny has two faces, and one of them looks really really mad, it is NOT A BUNNY.


In conclusion, we hope you have learned some valuable skills to help you determine a NOT BUNNY when you see one. Tell your friends and loved ones how to avoid these crafty creatures. Remember, if you see something, say something: report all suspicious bunnies to a trusted adult. And if you need to know what a REAL BUNNY looks like, just check out this very accurate example: