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Classic Bunny Slippers

Classic Bunny Slippers
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Due to COVID, our regular deliveries of Classic Bunny Slippers have been delayed by a few months. We're currently out of stock on the Medium, but expect to have them back later this fall. If you click "Notify me when available," we will be sure to email you as soon as they're back in stock. Thank you for your patience, and sorry for any inconvenience!

These classic Bunny Slippers are a staff favorite. Overstuffed for comfort, they feature wireframe adjustable ears, a cotton ball tail, bouncing whiskers, and distinctive pink detailing, all of which make them the best such slipper design we've seen to date. The classic Bunny Slippers come in a wide range of sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit for every member of the family. These adorable bunnies are even available in children's sizes!. If you are between sizes you should order the larger size.

Insole measurements:
Small: 8"
Medium: 9" inches
Large: 10.5"

For additional information on the materials, click here.
For cleaning instructions, see our tutorial.

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Gwendolyn Moore
Oct 21, 2020
This is my 7th pair. I have had these for YEARS, I love these and I need more. I wear a 9, but I have bought my size and a size up when my size is sold out, both conform to my feet without issue.

Advantages: They are soft cut and cuddle my feet. I have no slippage and I am super clumsy.

Disadvantages: They run out fast.
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Christine Newberry
Oct 9, 2020
I'm really happy with my slippers. I have been wanting bunny slippers for a while and was unable to find them locally. I am excited that I can order any slippers I want in the future

Advantages: The slippers were easy to order and they arrived quickly and earlier than expected. So comfortable and cute!
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Andrew Johnson
Oct 5, 2020
I wish I could send a picture of the last bunny slippers I bought from here so everyone could see how long I used these slippers. I wore holes in the bottoms of the soles. The white fur is now a dingy tan. Whiskers pulled out over the years. These slippers are so good I signed up to an emailing list for them... that should say the most honestly. My only wish is for the design of the bunny on the front to change ever so slightly

Advantages: Keeps your feet warm.

Open back design makes sure feet aren't too warm.


Makes me feel more masculine when checking mail.

Soft and comfortable.

Disadvantages: Everybody wishes they had them and have resulted to stealing them.

All my friends fingers are broken now from them trying to steal slippers.

They do not last eternally sadly. (A year or two of heavy use is the limit cap.)

The store sometimes isn't in stock with my bunny slippers when I need them and my feet become very cold.

The design on the front could be cuter with slight adjustments. (Willing to help for free, I am a graphic design artist.)
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Vanessa Cisse
Oct 1, 2020
They are so so so cute! They came in like 2 days and the quality is amazing, I love them!

Advantages: Cute
Very good quality
Fast shipping

Disadvantages: None
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Rory Lipsky
Oct 1, 2020
Best slippers ever!!! Wish they were a little bigger but it’s really no problem

Advantages: Soft and warm

Disadvantages: None!
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Skyler Heidleberg
Oct 1, 2020
They’re so soft and comfy! They’re also really cute! Shipping was very fast!

Advantages: They keep my feet warm and from getting dirty. I could wear them anywhere!

Disadvantages: Wish they were easier to wash. I hoped I could throw them in the washer weekly. But that might destroy them!
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Ruby XYZ
Sep 23, 2020
Even more than I was expecting! Snowy white and sweet pink, firmly sewn onto soles that will definitely support the old man (who hasn't seen them yet - they're a surprise).

Advantages: The bunniest slippers I have ever seen. And so well made.

Disadvantages: The horror I will experience the first time the old man spills chili or lamb curry on his lovely slippers. (He loves to cook, and tomatoes are his favorite ingredient, so maybe the slippers will come out of the wash light pink.)
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Jane Jones
Sep 19, 2020
Excellent product. Excellent Customer Service. Fast Shipment. Third time purchasing. Thank you.

Advantages: Awesome

Disadvantages: None
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Sep 16, 2020
great quality

Advantages: Quality is great

Disadvantages: Sizes not always available
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Patricia Seetch
Jul 13, 2020
Loved my slippers. I would recommend them to anyone anytime.
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