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Fuzzy Hedgehog Slippers

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Adult Fuzzy Hedgehog Animal Slippers

Size: one size fits most, up to a woman's 9.


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Fuzzy Hedgehog Slippers

Price: $24.95

Children's Fuzzy Hedgehog Animal Slippers

Size: one size fits most kids ages 3-6 (sizes 10-2); the insole measures 8" in length.


Sorry, this style has been discontinued.

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Fuzzy Hedgehog Slippers
(Ages 3-6)

Price: $19.95

Fuzzy Hedgehog Animal Slippers

Cold feet? Just slip them into a pair of Fuzzy Hedgehog Slippers and you'll be blanketed with comfort and warmth. The adorable design features a rich, faux fur coat, complete with beady eyes and topped with a floral accent crimson.


Product Reviews

"I really love my new slippers because they are furry and warm:)"
Chits, June 2012

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