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Sea Lion Slippers

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Adult Sea Lion Slippers

Size: insole measures 9" in length. One size fits most, up to a woman's 7.


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Adult Sea
Lion Slippers

Price: $24.95

Children's Sea Lion Slippers

Size: one size fits most children ages 2-6; insole measures 8" in length.


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Children's Sea
Lion Slippers

(Ages 2-8)

Price: $19.95

Sea Lion Slippers

Put your flippers together for these sea lion slippers. Just as cute as their flesh and blood counterparts, these slippers have sweet, plush faces and protruding wire whiskers. The seals' flippers and tails bounce about when you walk, for a fun effect. Lined with a slip-free, no-skid base for easy walking.


Product Reviews

Have You Seen My Sea Lions?
"These sea lion slippers have earned me all of my friends in college. The other kids in my dorm basically think that I'm the coolest kid on campus, and I would have to agree. I am. These slippers are not only adorable, comfortable, and a flip-floppin' good time, but they give me confidence. I am at my best when I am donning these on my teeny tiny feet. "
Erin, February 2013

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