Animals Swim to Beat the Heat

With temperatures rising, we aren’t the only ones looking for ways to cool off!

Animals need relief too! We’ve rounded up some of the cutest videos showing animals taking a dip in some unlikely places!

This baby elephant is having a ball chasing waves (and sometimes getting caught) on a beach in Thailand. Our hearts melted as we watched this over and over!

Slides aren’t just for people! This hilarious home video captures their dog running (sliding?) laps in their backyard. The dog seems to be having a pool party of his own!


Watch this Grizzly win the belly flop contest! Super excited, and having a ball, the grizzly bear caught on camera really shows us how to have some fun in the sun!

An unlikely member of the pool party, this buck beats the heat with a swim in a backyard pool!

Cats are often associated with hating water. But watch this fluffy feline doggy paddle with the rest of them!

Now go forth and take a dip yourself! You might want to check the pool for animals though…