Brand New Slipper Alert!

They’re cozy. They’re fuzzy. They’re adorable. And they’re all brand new! We’re excited to bring you five fresh animal slipper styles that are gonna rock your socks off!

Highland Cattle Slippers: Aye lads and lassies, we ken these Highland Coos are pretty bonnie! If you fancy a trek through the Scottish moors, but also don’t feel like leaving the house, we’ve got the slippers for you!

Fuzzy Hedgehog Slippers: With two-toned fur, teensy weensy ears, and delightfully upturned snouts, these sweet Hedgies will steal your heart! You might be tempted to curl them up in your hands—but trust us, they’ll be even more cozy on your feet.

Tiger Slippers: Fun fact—tigers are the biggest cats in the world, weighing up to 800 pounds! These tiger slippers have channeled all the style and prowess of the real deal, and distilled it down to its furry essence…none of the weight but all of the attitude.  Rawwwwr!!


Fuzzy Monkey Slippers: Pass the bananas, it’s time to monkey around! These Fuzzy Monkeys are made with incredibly soft black fur (seriously…we don’t know how it’s scientifically possible), and funny mischievous faces. And….take a look at those cute little ears!

Lion Slippers: These might be our most majestic slippers to date. With regal features and wild manes, these kings of the savannah are ready to roam the grasslands and bask in the sun. Or just chill at your house. Either way!