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Shop Holiday Gifts for Women!

If you’re looking for a gift for all the ladies on your holiday list–mom, grandma, daughter, aunt, bff, co-worker, or gal pal–check out our selection of fun and cozy slippers for women! Here are a few of our favorite holiday picks for ladies!

  1. Blue Narwhal Slippers: With fins, tails, horns, and sparkling blue plush, these beautiful blue Narwhals are sure to make a splash!
  2. Pink Pig Slippers: Oink! These pink Piggies feature the chubby cheeks and piggy noses of your favorite barnyard buddy.
  3. Pink Bunny Slippers: The color of soft pink cotton candy, these adorable bun buns feel like wearing two puffy clouds on your feet.
  4. Fuzzy Frog Slippers: We’re not sure why these adorable froggies are wearing pink bows… but it sure is cute! Made with fabulously textured fuzzy plush footbeds, they’ll give your feet a gentle massage.
  5. Peach Slippers: What’s sweeter than a peach? These slippers, made in a slip-on style, feature two plush peaches on a bed of cream.
  6. Fuzzy Elephant Slippers: With trumpeting trunks and big floppy ears, these friendly elephants feature an easy-wearing slip on style and cushioned footbeds.
  7. Bichon Frise Slippers: Like two soft powder puffs, these adorable Bichons will be her new best friends. Arf! (If Bichons aren’t her thing, find her favorite breed here!)

If you’d like to see all these and more, view our entire collection of Slippers for Women!

Shop Holiday Gifts for Kids!

If you’re searching for holiday gifts for the kids in your life–look no further! From Paws to Butterflies to Billy Goats, We’ve got animal slippers of all stripes for all the animal-loving kiddos you know. Check out these eight favorite picks, or browse our entire collection of Kids Slippers!

  1. Kids Leopard Paw Slippers: With an over-the-ankle style and a soft fleece lining, these are the coziest slippers on the list! Your little wild thing will love the leopard spots and ferocious claws.
  2. Kids Monkey Sock Slippers: These slim-fitting slippers have the sweet and mischievous faces of two little monkeys–complete with ears and tails Perfect for a re-enactment of “10 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”!
  3. Dinosaur Baby Rattle Socks: Because you’re never too young for animal slippers, we bring you these adorable Dinosaur socks for babies under 1. Soft cotton socks feature little plush dinosaurs, which contain little rattles… entertainment for hours!
  4. Kids Dinosaur Slippers: For a slightly bigger dinosaur lover, check out these fabulously fun green dinos, with spikes, felt teeth, and sparkly eyes!
  5. Kids Duck Feet Slippers: These slippers are so cute and funny…they’ll provide hours of imaginative play for a toddler (and their adults will get a kick out of it too!) Quack!
  6. Kids Goat Slippers: We love all the details of these two Billy Goats–cloven hooves, horns, ears, spotted coats, and even long beards.
  7. Kids Butterfly Slippers: The most fanciful slippers on our list, these bright and brilliant Butterflies will have your little one fluttering around the house!
  8. Kids Dog Slippers: With the floppy ears and a spot over the eye, just like your favorite mutt, these Dog Slippers will be your kiddo’s loyal companions all throughout the year.

Shopping for a Corgi Lover? Check out our Gift Guide!

Nothing’s cuter than a Corgi…from their short li’l legs, to their giant ears, to their fluffy, floofy, poofy butts!!! If you’re a Corgi lover, or are shopping for one, check out our roundup of gifts that are *almost* as cute as the real thing!

  1. Corgi Slippers: These adorable house slippers look just like a pair of Pembroke Welsh Corgis… they’re so comfy they’ll make you feel like a queen! (Or king!)
  2. Corgi Marshmallows: Corgi Marshmallows?!?! CORGI MARSHMALLOWS!!! We can hardly believe these exist… they’re absolutely perfect.
  3. Personalized Corgi Keychain: If a Corgi holds the key to your heart… you need a Corgi keychain. We love that this one can be personalized with an initial!
  4. Welsh Corgi Baseball Hat: We love this cap with a subtle, embroidered Corgi face… for those occasions when you want to proclaim your Corgi love in a sophisticated way.
  5. Corgi Tote Bag: If you can’t take your Corgi everywhere you go… you can at least take your Corgi tote bag. We love this adorable black and white photo and how it captures a joyful expression!
  6. We Hope You Like Corgis Doormat: Let your visitors know exactly what to expect when they arrive… that Corgis rule the house!
  7. Corgi Ceramic Planter Pot: If you are lucky enough to know a Corgi Mom (or Dad) who’s also a Plant Mom (or Dad), this gift is a real slam dunk… combining both loves into one adorable planter!
  8. Corgi Butt Floor Pillow: This comfy floor pillow is almost as soft and floofy as a, well, a Corgi Butt! With an allover Corgi Butt print, it will be beloved by both people and pups alike.

Enter our Photo Caption Contest to Win Free Slippers!

Hey you! Are you funny? Think you’ve got what it takes to create a meme-worthy photo caption? Well, it’s your time to shine! Enter our Photo Caption Contest for a chance to win free slippers! All you’ve gotta do is think of a funny and creative caption for the photo above, and you could win one of these three fabulous prizes:

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Best of all, EVERYBODY who answers will get a 20% off coupon to use on any order! What are you waiting for? Hop on over to our contest page and send us your best caption. Good luck!

Celebrate Dad! Shop our Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner, on Sunday, June 20! Why not treat the Papas, Padres, Grandpappys and Opas in your life to some fun and cozy slippers that’ll keep them LOLing all year long? Read on for a few of our favorite Father’s Day picks, and check out the full Father’s Day Gift Guide here!

Black Bear Paw Slippers: These playful paws feature soft black fur and four claws on each foot. Lined with a woodsy red and black plaid lining, they’re the perfect gift for an outdoor enthusiast!

Monty Python Killer Rabbit Slippers: For Monty Python fans, these Killer Rabbits of Caerbannog are the Holy Grail of Slippers. But beware, these are no ordinary rabbits, they’ve got a vicious streak a mile wide, and the big pointy teeth to prove it! Despite their ferocious appearance, however, they’re actually pretty comfy. (As seen in Monty Python and the Holy Grail).

Freudian Slippers: OK, these slippers are basically a dad joke in action. Dad can put his feet in therapy with these cozy plush slippers… the clever design allows him to put his feet into Sigmund’s tongue and wiggle them for comedic effect!

German Shepherd Slippers: With a pair of German Shepherds, Dad will have the cutest guard dogs on the block! Made with pointed ears, warm brown eyes, and a multi-colored coat. Arf!

Highland Cattle Slippers: Straight outta Scotland, these cozy ginger cows feature the shaggy fur and long horns of the iconic Highland Cattle! It might inspire Dad to practice his Scottish accent, however….you’ve been warned.

Abominable Snowman Yeti Feet Slippers: For fans and foes of the legendary giant snow ape…these larger-than-life Yeti Feet are just the ticket! Made with big blue toes and shaggy white fur, they might look chilly but they’re cozy and warm.

For all these and more fun picks for Dad, check out our full Father’s Day Gift Guide!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, on Sunday, May 9! If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the Mamas and Grandmas in your life, look no further… slippers make a fun and comfy gift she’ll enjoy all year long. Read on for some of our favorite picks, and for even more ideas, check out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

Fuzzy Bear Slippers: These adorable bears are extra fluffy and oh-so-cozy! Made with soft brown fur, fuzzy noses, adorable ears, and little tails on the back, they capture that classic Teddy Bear charm.

Bunny Spa Sandals: These sweet Bunnies have all the comfort of slippers, paired with the easy breezy fit of flip flops, making them perfect for the warmer summer months, or showing off that new pedicure. Wire loops inside the ears make them fully posable, so Mom can customize the look!

Pom Pom Dog Slippers: These velvety soft slides feature Boston Terriers wearing little pink beanies, complete with cheerful pom poms! With sturdy molded rubber soles, they’re perfect for popping out to the mailbox or enjoying morning coffee on the patio.

Sleepy Dog Sock Slippers: With embroidered features, floppy ears, and marshmallowy soft faux shearling linings, these Pups are sure to keep Mom smiling! Made with a ballerina-style fit, they’re perfect for someone who likes a smaller slipper.

Bichon Frise Slippers: Soft and fluffy as two powder puffs, these adorable Bichons feature snow white fur, black eyes and noses, and floppy ears and tails. If Bichons aren’t her thing, check out our full collection of Dog Slippers… we’ve got everything from Huskies to Pugs to Chihuahuas!

Fuzzy Koala Slippers: These marvelous marsupials from Down Under feature fluffy gray fur, fuzzy noses, and big floppy ears. Made with velvety soft linings, Mom will never want to take them off!

Check out our full Mother’s Day Gift Guide for even more fun and cozy picks! We hope you enjoy showering the Mamas in your life with love.

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Find a gift for everyone on your list… Shop our Holiday Gift Guide!

If you’re shopping for friends and family this holiday season, get them a gift that’s sure to delight and comfort… fun and fuzzy slippers! We’ve compiled a Holiday Gift Guide with picks for her, for him, for dog and cat lovers, for kids, and even babies, we have rounded up our most gift-able styles to make your holiday shopping a snap!

Here are a few highlights from the guide!

For Her: Fuzzy Koala Slippers

G’day! These fuzzy gray Koalas came straight from Down Under to warm up your feet! With adorably gigantic ears and fuzzy gray noses, they’ll be a hit with any Koala lover.

For Him: Highland Cattle Slippers

With wild and woolly ginger coats, these Highland Cows from Northern Scotland will delight Scots and non-Scots alike! Pair with a kilt or a fuzzy bathrobe.

For the Dog Lover: German Shepherd Slippers

These sweet Shepherds are sitting at attention, ready to warm up your toes! With pointy ears and adorably fuzzy muzzles, they look almost like the real pups. Arf!

For the Cat Lover: Black and White Kitty Slippers

These handsome cats feature the black and white markings of the classic Tuxedo cat! Are Tuxedo Cats considered formal wear? You can wear them to a formal holiday party via Zoom.

For the Novelty Slippers Fan: Rainbow Paw Slippers

These Rainbow Paws are truly dazzling! Are they part bear? Part dragon? Part rainbow wizard? We may never know the magical origins of these rainbow creatures, but we do know that they’re absolutely fabulous!

For the Nature Lover: Fuzzy Elephant Slippers

Don’t forget! Get some Fuzzy Elephant Slippers for your whole herd! With trumpeting trunks, big floppy ears, and tusks, they are ridiculously cute and cozy.

For Kids: Kids Fuzzy Lady Bug Slippers

These cheerful critters are sure to delight any insect-loving kid! With bright red plush, black polka dots, smiling faces, antennae, your little one will love having two big bugs for feet. They’ve even got polka dot noses!

For Babies: Bunny Baby Rattle Socks

Because you’re never too young for Bunny Slippers! These adorable socks fit ages 0-1, and have bunny faces with little rattles in the toes, for hours of entertainment!

See all these favorite picks, and more, on our Holiday Gift Guide! Happy shopping!