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This Gallery Of 32 Amazing Rabbit GIFS Is The Best Thing You Will Find On The Internet. Ever.


Animated GIFS – what was once the humble vessel of mindless entertainment has become, in the eyes of some, a legitimate art form. Here then are 10, no 32, examples of the form, ranging from the cute to the clever, that honor bunnies in motion (if static, click on the image to activate).

1. Just one of the many perks of having a rabbit to call your own.

Bunny Letter Opener

2. Check out this adorable snow bunny tearing down the slopes!

Snow Rabbit

3. This rabbit is old school. I bet he used to hang out on AOL message boards and spend all day making websites in Geocities.

ASCII bunny

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Armored Boombox Slouches About In The Bunny Slippers You’ve Been Looking For

Spotted on the Interwebz this week: a curious t-shirt design that reimagines the menacing AT-AT Walker of Star Wars fame as a weaponized hipster with a cigarette in his mouth — hand-rolled, natch — and blue bunny slippers on his feet!

These slippers will keep your toes warm from the moons of Endor to the snowy plains of Hoth.


Buy it here, scoff in the comments below.

Hat tip: D. McCarthy

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Bunnies Breaking Bad (And The Humans That Love Them): An Interview With The Editor Of Bunny Shaming

One of our favorite new feeds for rabbit content is Bunny Shaming, a Facebook page that mixes confessional captions with bunny portraits (some unsuspecting, others willfully mischievous), all to hilarious effect. We featured this phenomenon previously, but so smitten, in fact, we’re we, that we reached out to the page’s administrator for a short interview. Our questions, and her answers, are embedded below…

From Hop to Pop: Tell us a little about yourself.

Bunny Shaming: My name is Sarah, and I’ve been a “bunny mom” for a little over 10 years now. As you might have guessed, I’m pretty much obsessed with bunnies. I live with my own little menagerie – not just bunnies. Currently I have my two bunnies, three guinea pigs, two fish tanks, a foster bunny, and three foster hamsters. I volunteer with a small animal rescue, 4 Lil Pigs n Buns, and am an educator with the House Rabbit Society, so I’m pretty passionate about adoption and animal rescue! As for my day job, I’m a fisheries biologist, so I am surrounded by animals in most aspects of my daily life.

From Hop to Pop: I assume you have a rabbit of your own? What’s he or she like and are they bad bunnies?

Bunny Shaming: I have two rabbits of my own. Chloe and Kahlua are both rescued rabbits. Kahlua is, for the most part, fairly well behaved. He does tend to chew on stuff, but he looks terribly guilty when I scold him! Chloe (pictured below), is my little troublemaker, and she is featured prominently on the page! She manages to get into a lot of mischief, whether she means to or not (and she DOES mean to sometimes!) She will eat anything and EVERYTHING, so I have to be careful about bunny-proofing. My first bunny Zoie is currently featured on the page’s cover photo. He almost never chewed on anything, but he would get into mischief trying to find food! Milhouse, Chloe’s previous bonded partner used to climb baby gates. It was something to see. All the bunnies I’ve ever owned have been so special to me, and I will always have bunnies in my life.

From Hop to Pop: I’m guessing that Bunny Shaming was formed in response to the Dog Shaming meme. Was this the inspiration and when did you launch the FB feed?

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Bunnies Breaking Bad

Our new favorite cutesy Facebook page is Bunny Shaming, where rabbit owners snap pictures of their long-eared friends juxtaposed with captions that confess their naughty habits.

There are only a handful of submissions posted currently, but we suspect that this feed will gain traction with the bunny community quickly. Add your own adorable image by hopping here hare!

Cap tip: Buzzfeed

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