7 Adorable Super Bowl Commercials You Have to Watch

Some people watch the Super Bowl for the football. Others watch for the commercials.

Of the ads making their debut during the big football game’s broadcast each year, some are funny, others are meant to get people talking, and some are just plain cute. Budweiser is notorious for producing adorable commercials each year, but many other companies are joining this trend in attempts to appeal to a broader audience.

We’ve rounded up some of the cutest commercials that have aired over the past few years: what’s your favorite?

In 2014, Budweiser set the bar for cute commercials at a new high. This commercial, entitled “Puppy Love,” tells the story of a puppy’s friendship with the beer company’s signature Clydesdale horses.

Volkswagen’s 2011 commercial follows a young Sith-in-training attempting to use the Force around his home. He isn’t having much success, until his dad comes homeā€¦

This year, Friskies has teamed up with popular website Buzzfeed for a cat-themed commercial to be shown only in select areas: Pawnee City, Kitty Hawk, and Los Gatos. “Dear Kitten: Regarding the Big Game” features a young kitten and its older, wiser mentor cat, who explains their humans’ strange behavior from a cat’s perspective.

Cheerios brought back a popular family from one of their previous commercials for a special announcement in 2014. Gracie’s parents have some exciting news for her, but little do they know she’s got a bargaining chip up her sleeve!

Is there anything stronger than the bond between a man and his horse? This 2013 Budweiser commercial tells the story of one Clydesdale and his human best friend.

Startup GoldieBlox, a company that makes toy engineering kits for girls, won a contest run by Intuit for a 30 second Super Bowl ad spot in 2014. Their ad is both cute and funny, as a crowd of little girls take over their town to repurpose their pink toys.

In this 2014 Toyota spot, former NFL player Terry Crews gets a fuzzy (and very cute) surprise when he pulls his new Highlander to the side of the road to help out a broken-down van.

If you prefer the cute commercials to the actual game, you might also enjoy watching the Puppy Bowl: the adorable puppies and the Kitten Halftime Show make for must-see TV!