10 Animals Who Already Quit Their New Year’s Resolutions

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions for 2015? Have you given up on them already? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! These animals had the best of intentions for this new year, but they just couldn’t help breaking them.

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Resolution: Spend more time outdoors.
Result: My feet are tired. I want to go home. Are we there yet? Will you carry me?

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Resolution: Clean out the old shed in the backyard.
Result: This is way more work than I’d anticipated. Maybe tomorrow…

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Resolution: Wake up earlier to exercise before work.
Result: (snooze button)

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Resolution: Eat healthier.
Result: Okay, maybe just one more treat. Or twelve.

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Resolution: Dress better.
Result: Why should I change out of sweatpants? It’s not like I’m going anywhere today.

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Resolution: Spend less time at parties.
Result: This party is way better than the one I went to yesterday!

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Resolution: Watch less TV.
Result: You don’t expect me to ignore the fact that Friends is on Netflix now, do you?

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Resolution: Be nicer to people.
Result: Yeah, about that… no.

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Resolution: Curb my online shopping habit.
Result: Oh, these? I’ve had these toys for ages.

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Resolution: Be more social.
Result: It’s 8 pm on a Friday? Oh, it’s bedtime.