Easter Basket Ideas for your Bestie

Who says kids get to have all the fun?!  We’ve put together this gift guide for the gal pals in your life: your bff, sister, mom, aunt, or grown-up daughter!  Just add some chocolate bunnies and you’ve got a fun and sophisticated Easter basket that will delight a stylish lady.

  1. Classic Bunny Slippers:  These soft and cozy bunnies will be festive for the holiday, and keep her comfy the rest of the year.
  2. Face Mask:  Who doesn’t love a spa day?  Bring the spa home with a fun and easy sheet mask, like this Cucumber Calming Mask.
  3. Art-inspired Travel Mug: Make that morning coffee or chai extra special with a beautiful travel mug.  This Navy Floral Travel Mug is especially fun for springtime!
  4. Bath Bomb: A fizzy bath bomb is another fun way to treat your friend!  They’re available at most drug stores, but if you’re feeling extra crafty, you can try making your own!
  5. Small Succulent or Cactus: These sweet little plants are easy to take care of and are available at most grocery stores.
  6. Egg-shaped Lip Balm: You can never have too much lip balm…  These cute little egg-shaped lip balms are the perfect Easter Egg for a grown-up!
  7. Sleep Mask: Help her catch some Zzz’s in style with a sleep mask.  This Easter Bunny Sleep Mask is especially fuzzy and adorable!

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Easter Basket Ideas for Preschool Kids

Easter Basket Ideas for Preschool Kids (That Aren’t Candy)

Easter is right around the corner and it’s never too early for you, ahem, I mean the Easter Bunny, to start planning those Easter Baskets!  We’ve put together some of our favorite non-candy picks for a fun and educational Easter Basket for preschool aged kids.  While we all love candy and plastic eggs…these are some gifts that will last all year long (without the sugar rush).

  1.  Kids Classic Bunny Slippers:  Your little one will love these sweet bunnies!  They’re both fun and festive for the holiday, and cozy all year round.
  2. Activity Book:  Once the little ones move past the board books stage, activity books are a great way for them to interact and use some fine motor skills.  We especially love Let’s Bake a Cake, an activity book that goes through all the steps of making a cake!
  3. Educational Art Cards:  Flash cards are a fun way to learn letters, numbers, colors, and animals.  These Number Flash Cards feature the beautiful artwork of Eric Carle, full of colorful animals.
  4. Egg Crayons:  The shape makes them both easy to hold, and perfect for Easter!  Egg crayons can be found in a lot of craft and gift stores, and we especially love this Eco-friendly Soy/Beeswax Set.
  5. Brain Builder Peg Set: This fun and colorful open-ended toy challenges your little one’s creative problem solving.
  6. Sunprint Kit: This paper changes color when exposed to sunlight, and can be used to make all kinds of creative projects…like making images of new spring flowers and leaves.
  7. Best Pals’ Diner Pretend Play Set:  This set comes with everything your little one needs to create a pretend restaurant–inspiring hours of creative play.

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Easter Basket Ideas for your Bestie

Don’t Get Pinched on St. Patty’s Day… Wear Green Slippers!

St. Patrick’s day is coming up on March 17, and it’s time to plan your all-green ensemble!  We want to make sure you don’t get pinched…so we’ve put together a St. Patrick’s Day Guide with all our greenest slippers.  Here’s wishing you the Luck o’ the Irish this St. Patty’s day, and all year round!

Here’s a few of our greenest picks to help you avoid the pinch!

Dinosaur Feet Slippers with Sound:  These might be our meanest greenest slippers!  With a built-in sound feature, green “scaly” fabric, and three white claws on each foot, they’ll be a festive addition to the holiday!

Fuzzy Frog Slippers:  If you’re hopping down to the local watering hole to drink some green beer…consider these green guys!  With smiles and fuzzy footbeds, they’re sure to be your lucky charms.

Kids Alligator Slouch Slippers:  Don’t forget about the kiddos!  These cozy gators are made with soft fleece, microsuede soles, embroidered eyes, and felt teeth, in a vibrant shade of non-pinchable green!

Check out these selections and many more! 

The First Annual Bunny Awards!

Awards season is upon us…and this year we created our very own awards, The Bunnies!  The Bunny Awards celebrate the animal slippers that entertain us the most, as seen in movies and on television.  You might even spot some of your favorite celebrities!  And now….without further ado… (drum roll please)…. we present to you The First Annual Bunny Awards!

The slippers are walking the red carpet…hoping to win a prestigious Bunny Award…!  We’ve got all kinds of interesting categories…who will take home each prize?

For our first category of the evening, the Bunny Award for Most Embarrassing Slippers goes to…. A Christmas Story!

All Ralphie wants for Christmas is a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle.  But instead, he gets this pink bunny suit with attached pink bunny slippers.  Who could forget their very embarrassing performance on the silver screen!?  (But at least he didn’t shoot an eye out).

And the Bunny Award for Most Mischievous Slippers goes to….The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! 

These Kids’ Green Monster Slippers were spotted on Buckley, Jacqueline’s badly-behaved and hyperactive son.  He drives Jacqueline and Kimmy crazy with his antics… and these monster slippers suit his mischievous character to a T!

And the Bunny Award for Best Slippers in a Time Loop goes to…. Russian Doll! 

We spotted our Himalayan Cat Slippers on Natasha Lyonne, in her mind-bending new Netflix series. She wears these slippers right before she [[SPOILER ALERT]] dies!  Well, as long as you’re stuck in a mysterious time loop, you might as well be comfy!  (They also look a little like Oatmeal…her runaway cat).

And the Bunny Award for Most Dangerous Slippers goes to…Guns Akimbo!

Full disclosure: this action comedy film isn’t out yet, but it will star Daniel Radcliffe as Miles, who unwittingly gets caught in a televised death match.  Sounds pretty wild!!  We can’t wait to see our Tiger Paw Slippers on the big screen later this year!

And the Bunny Award for Scariest Slippers goes to…The Walking Dead!

Wow, our adorable Bunny Slippers have never looked so terrifying!  Spotted on this little zombie girl in the first season, they’re roughed up and zombie-fied and hungry for brains…yikes!  These are definitely the scariest slippers we’ve ever seen!

And the Day Time Bunny Award goes to…. Good Morning America!

The cast of GMA, plus Oprah, were spotted wearing some Fuzzy Frog Slippers, during a segment supporting Robin Roberts’ recovery from surgery.  (The Fuzzy Frogs are reportedly Roberts’ favorite slippers!)

And the Late Night Bunny Award goes to…. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver! 

We spotted a pair of our Classic Bunny Slippers on Last Week Tonight, during an off-the-wall detour from his satirical spin on the news!

And the Bunny Award for Most Controversial Slippers goes to…Modern Family!

Phil loves them, Claire hates them, and Stella the dog falls in love with them…these Black Bear Head Slippers caused quite a stir on this wacky family comedy!  (Spoiler alert:  hijinks ensue when Claire tries to make them “disappear”!)

And the award for Best Reality TV Slippers goes to… Keeping Up with the Kardashians!

We spotted a pair of our Classic Bunny Slippers on Kourtney Kardashian!  No matter what you think of the famous family, you must admit they have excellent taste in slippers…

And the Bunny Award for Best Bunny Slippers and Best Supporting Bunny Slippers goes to…Real Genius!

In this cult classic film, Val Kilmer was spotted wearing Bunny Slippers while playing the teenage genius Chris Knight!

Well, that concludes our First Annual Bunny Awards!  We hope you enjoyed watching these slippers on the small screen and the silver screen as much as we did.  Have you spotted some animal slippers in your favorite shows and films?  Let us know!  They might be a contender for next year’s Awards!

Separated at Birth???!!!

Here at BunnySlippers.com, our designers work diligently to bring you the cutest, most accurate dog slippers in the universe!  It involves studying a lot of cute dog photos, and we’re ok with that!  From the paws to the tails, each detail was lovingly created by our team to make our slippers as lifelike as possible.  So….how’d we do?  Do these look like identical twins Separated at Birth?!

Oh!  Cuteness!!  The fuzzy white fur looks like a poofy little powder puff, and the black eyes and nose give these Bichon Frises their iconic look.


While the slippers are quite a bit smaller than the real thing… these Bernese Mountain Dogs have the beautiful tri-color fur markings that are unique to the breed.  We especially love those liddle iddle eyebrows!!

Two words:  Head wrinkles.  That is all.

We couldn’t let the legendary mustache of the Schnauzer go un-noticed!!  That’s why we studied many Schnauzer profiles to make sure we got this one just right!  #mustachegoals

We couldn’t help but notice that Corgis look like they’re always smiling…so we engineered the most adorable Corgi Smiles in our Dog Slipper Laboratory.  Nothing is quite as cute as the real thing, but these slippers are a close second.  (And that’s science!)

OK….so….maybe these Fuzzy Cows aren’t quite the same as the real bovine deal…but they definitely win the award for Best Cartoon Cow.  We were going for cuteness here… and I think we nailed it!



Love is in the Air! Shop Our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Flowers wilt, balloons pop, and cards end up in the recycling bin….but slippers are forever!  This Valentine’s Day, treat your sweetie to a gift they’ll enjoy all year long.  We’ve put together this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide with our top picks that are sure to make your honey bunny smile!

Here are a few highlights from the guide! 

The BunnyGram:  What’s even better than a singing telegram?  A BunnyGram of course!  We’ll package up a pair of our Classic Bunny Slippers with tissue, hearts, and a personalized card, and ship it directly to the lucky lady or gent!

Fuzzy Fox Slippers: Tell that special someone you think they’re super Foxy!  These foxes are especially comfy, made with pillowy soft plush and thick foam footbeds.

Wolf Paw Slippers: If your significant other likes to walk on the wild side, they’ll love these cozy grey Wolf Paws!

Fuzzy Bear Slippers & Heated Smores USP Slippers: Move over, teddy bears and chocolate!  We’ve got a better alternative: Teddy Bear Slippers and Chocolatey Slippers!  Replace those tired traditional gifts with something they’ll enjoy all throughout the year.

No matter who you love…we hope you have a fun and joyful Valentine’s Day!


Happy Chinese New Year 2019 — Year of the Pig!

February 5th is Chinese New Year, and this year in the Chinese Zodiac will be the Year of the Pig!  To celebrate, we’re offering 15% off of all our Pig Slippers, for kids and adults, through the end of February.

To redeem the sale price, enter the code PIGYEAR at checkout.

Check this out to learn more about Chinese New Year traditions, and peruse our selection of piggies below!

These Fuzzy Pig Slippers are super cute and cozy.  Made with vibrant pink textured fabric, in a slip-on style, these little oinkers are sure to make you smile!

Our Pink Pig Animal Slippers are made with a full-foot design, pillowy soft plush, and the classic piggy noses and ears!  These come in several sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for everybody in the pig pen.


This little piggy went to market, these two little piggies stayed home to be warm and cozy!  These adorable Kids Pig Slouch Slippers are a great choice for the kiddos in your family.  Made with an over-the-ankle design and lined with fleece, they’ll keep those little piggies super comfy.

We hope the new year brings you happiness, fun and good fortune!

Holiday Gift Guide: Slippers for the Football Fan!

If you’ve got NFL fans in your life, you know how much they love to represent their favorite team!  They’ve got the jerseys, they’ve got the hats, now they need the slippers to make sure they’re swagged out at all times.  This holiday season, give the gift of fandom that will last through football season and beyond…it’ll be a real touchdown.  (Cheesy, we know!  But we couldn’t help ourselves!)  Speaking of cheese…

Green Bay Packers Slippers

We know that Green Bay has some of the most dedicated fans in the whole NFL!  Show your Packer Pride head to toe, from the cheese hat on your head, to the comfy slippers on your feet.

New England Patriots Slippers

Now you can channel your inner Bill Belichick from the comfort of your own living room.  Go ahead–call a few plays from the couch!  These plush Patriots Slippers are a fun and comfy way to show your Patriot-ism.

Pittsburgh Steelers Slippers

Hey Steeler Nation!  You’ll feel like a six-time Super Bowl champ with your new plushy Steelers kicks.  Now all you gotta do is perfect that touchdown dance!

Dallas Cowboys Slippers

Calling all Cowboys fans from across the land!  We know that fans of America’s Team are flung far and wide, but the thing they all have in common is that they NEED these slippers–the perfect way to show Cowboy pride, from Texas and beyond.

Check out these Football Slippers, and more!  Shop our selection of Sports Team Slippers.  

Around the World in Slippers: Holiday Gifts for the Nature Lover!

From the arctic to the tropics to the depths of the sea…we’ve got wild animal slippers of all stripes!  If you’re searching for the perfect gift for the nature lover in your life, we’ve got you covered.  These fun and cozy wild animals are perfect for curling up and watching your favorite wildlife documentary, or taking a budget safari around the living room.  Rawwwr!

Polar Bear Slippers

When your toes are as cold as icebergs at the North Pole, pop on these soft white Polar Bears and you’ll be cozy in a snap!


Fuzzy Elephant Slippers

Hailing from the African savannah, these Elephants are ready to stampede right into your living room (and your heart)!  The tusks, big floppy ears, and trumpeting trunks make them biologically accurate; the fuzziness makes them cute!

Otter Slippers

From the rivers and coastlines of North America, Otters are one of the cutest aquatic mammals.  These soft and cozy slippers even come holding onto shells–looking like they’re about to have a snack!

Panda Bear Slippers

Straight outta Central China, these black and white beauties are an adorable gift for a Panda lover!

Hammerhead Shark Slippers

One of the strangest-looking creatures to ever swim the great blue sea, the unusual features of the Hammerhead Shark have been captured in plush.  Don’t worry–these slippers are not as ferocious as the real thing!  (They’re actually very cozy.)

Platypus Slippers

The animals of Australia are like nowhere else in the world…and among these unusual critters, the Platypus may be the strangest of all!  With duck bills, beaver tails, and flipper-like feet, these Platypus Slippers are both weird and cute!

Alligator Slippers

These green Gators have long tails, green scales, and tons-o-teeth, just like the alligators found in the swamps of North and South America.  While they look ferocious, you don’t have to worry about these guys chomping on your feet–instead, they’ll keep you warm and cozy (we promise).

We hope you enjoyed this trip around our adorable world of wild animal slippers!  Check out our entire selection of Animal Slippers to see more critters from every continent.  Happy shopping!