July is Wild About Wildlife Month

July is a busy month for organizations dedicated to helping and protecting animals. To participate, we’ve put together a selection of events. Some are a little more serious than others, but it’s our hope that you’ll find something that might inspire!

July 1st: Animal Sanctuary Day

Many different types of animal sanctuaries have events on this day, from spreading awareness to their cause to adoption marathons. Using your favorite search tool, try looking for “my local animal sanctuary”. Maybe there’s a near-by event that you’d like to check out!

July 10th: Don’t Step on a Bee Day

While this event might seem whimsical at first glance, it’s actually pretty serious. July brings warm weather, and that means more bare feet. Bee-ing (sorry) aware for bees while skipping barefoot through those beautiful parks and meadows can keep your day carefree and fun.

July 12th: Cow Appreciation Day

Mostly associated with Chik-fil-A for their promotion of a free meal if you come dressed as a cow, Cow Appreciation Day is actually about spreading awareness of how important the bovine is.

July 14th: Shark Awareness Day

Educating folks and reversing negative preconceived notions (largely media-driven) about sharks is the purpose for this event.

July 15th: I Love Horses Day

Trying to preserve the remaining wild horse and burro habitats is the goal for the organizations running this American holiday.

July 15th: Pet Fire Safety Day

A team effort from the American Kennel Club and ADT Security Services, Pet Fire Safety Day strives to educate pet owners about potential risks when pets are left home alone. Proven prevention measure are provided.

July 16th: World Snake Day

A global event, World Snake Day has similar goals as Shark Awareness Day. Both creatures are subject to unnecessary hostility due to ignorance, as well as habitats that are being heavily impacted by human activities.

July 29th: International Tiger Day

One of the most admired animals, tigers are also some of the most vulnerable to extinction. This world-wide event wants to make everyone aware of how delicate the tiger’s existence is.

July 31st: Mutt’s Day

The goal for Mutt’s Day is to raise awareness of the plight of mixed breed dogs in shelters around the nation, and to educate the public about the numbers of mixed breed dogs that are looking for new homes.

Give Slippers this Mother’s Day & Save 15%

Mother’s Day is coming up fast on May 8. Help Mom relax by treating her to a new pair of slippers!

New for 2016 we’ve put together some of our favorite picks for Mom in our Mother’s Day Gift Guide: check them out if you’re looking for ideas and recommendations. You can also try out our Gift Selector to get customized gift suggestions!

Hurry, place your order using expedited shipping by Wednesday May 3rd to receive your slippers in time for Mother’s Day.

And to help make shopping a little bit easier this Mother’s Day, we’ve created a special coupon for 15% off. Use this coupon code: MOTHERSDAY2016 and save!

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2016 Great Easter Egg Hunt Wrap-Up

bunny_slipper_basketThe 2016 Great Easter Egg Hunt has come to a close. A big THANK YOU! to everyone who participated, emailed, and called us with your egg finds.

This year’s turnout was especially grand, due in no small part to the generosity and hard work by Egg Hunt partner Conrad’s Candy (Facebook)! Thanks, Conrad’s!

Out of the 12 eggs, all but four were found. Congratulations to the winners who found an egg, and in particular 2016 Egg Hunt Grand Prize winner: Sheila F.!

The Great 2016 Egg Hunt Starts NOW!


Hooray it’s time!

Starting now and running until March 20th at 11:59pm PST we welcome you to participate in BunnySlippers.com 4th annual Easter Egg Hunt. New this year is our partnership with Conrad’s Candy! Working together with Conrad’s opens up new prizes and new locations to hunt.

Participating in the Egg Hunt is easy. Winning takes a little skill, a little luck, and a whole lot of spirit! Sprinkled around BunnySlippers.com and ConradsCandy.com are a dozen eggs. Should you spot one, awesome! Send us an email and tell us where it is. The first person to find that egg will win a prize, which could be an incredible milk chocolate Easter bunny, a pair of slippers or a gift certificate totaling $25, $50, or even the Grand Prize!

For a complete list of rules and prizes, visit our Egg Hunt page… and Happy Hunting!

The Great 2016 Easter Egg Hunt!

Hi there Hoppers! Get ready: the 4th Easter Egg Hunt is almost here!

Starting Friday Mar. 18th and running through March 20th NEW for this year is some extra exciting news! Participating with us will be Conrad’s Candy. Join in as there are new prizes this year and new places to search.

Get all the information about the Egg Hunt, including a list of prizes and rules for play right here.

Valentine’s Day His & Hers Sale and Shipping Deadlines

Valentine's Day 2016 Sale Coupon

Be The Valentine’s Day Hero!

Last week you were introduced to the BunnyGram, a fun and easy gift to give this Valentine’s Day. If Bunny Slippers aren’t your thing, new this week is the Valentine’s His & Hers Sale. You will be the Valentine’s Day hero while keeping more money in your pocket! There is a wide variety of slippers available. If you are shopping for a fella, the Blue Zombie and Cthulhu are always a hit (but you’ll find many other options, too). If you’re shopping for a lady, you’ll find many cute animal slippers and luxurious spa slippers that are sure to delight that special someone. The Valentine’s Day His & Hers Sale goes on from now until Sunday the 14th.

Shipping Cut-Off Date for Valentine’s Delivery

Fair warning! The last day to place an order and have it arrive in time for Valentine’s is Monday February 8th at 12-noon PST. Expedited Priority shipping level is strongly recommended for faster delivery. Order early and avoid being disappointed if something is out of stock!

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BunnyGram – Our Best Valentine’s Day Gift Idea!

BunnyGram the best Valentines Day Gift Idea

BunnyGram – say hi to our best Valentine’s Day gift ever!

New for 2016 BunnySlippers.com is excited to offer a sneak peek at our best Valentine’s Day gift idea ever – the BunnyGram! Featuring a pair of our world-famous Bunny Slippers, each BunnyGram is carefully packed by our own hands. This romantic yet practical gift is shrouded in wrapping tissue and sprinkled with foam hearts. There’s even an included Valentine-themed note card to personalize your BunnyGram for that special someone. Instead of the cliched and tired roses or chocolates, truly delight that one person who has captured your desire with a BunnyGram… and reap the benefits. It’s sure to make your Valentine’s holiday shopping much easier.

Fine print: BunnySlipper.com is not responsible for any consequences received from giving the BunnyGram. These include but are not limited to:

  • romantic urges and the inability to control them
  • lost wages from calling in sick to work February 15th
  • hospital bills for rapid heart beat
  • a new addition to the family in 9 months
  • excessive spending on engagement ring

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast. We’ll have more information on the BunnyGram, as well as a discount coupon, coming in the next few days.

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It’s Here: Our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide!

2015 holiday gift guide

Christmas is fast approaching and if you need a little inspiration to get your hop on, check out our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide! Jam-packed with dozens of great ideas, the gift guide makes shopping for that special someone even easier. To whet your appetite we’re listing a few of our favorites here.

Slipper Envy

These Freudian Slippers (ha!) have a smart, bookish design that allows your toes to slip into Sigmund’s tongue; wiggle them at others (or yourself) for comedic effect.

‘Tis Only A Flesh Wound

Well okay, so the title references the Black Knight but we all know who’s the more vicious enemy! That’s right, it’s The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Man’s Best Friend

Warm and comfortable with loads of soft snow-white faux fur, these Husky Dog slippers will be extremely difficult to give away as a present (so get a pair for yourself, too!).

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