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Slippers for the World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is in full swing! Soccer (or football) fans around the world are busy cheering their hearts out for their country’s team. Here at, we’ve compiled a selection of animal slippers representing some of the participating countries. We can’t all be in Brazil, but with these slippers, you can support your favorite team from the comfort of your own couch! Continue reading

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Slippers Guide: My Neighbor Totoro Slippers

My Neighbor Totoro Slippers

So for this week’s Slippers Guide we’ve decided to delve into a rather niche zone – the renowned ’80s animated film My Neighbor Totoro. Continue reading

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Father’s Day Dad Jokes With Pun Dog

Dads are awesome. Not only because they’re our fathers and therefore terrific people, but because they’ve got a great sense of humor, too. Or… something like that.

In honor of Father’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite bad “dad” jokes, with a little help from our dear friend Pun Dog. Continue reading

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Oddities: Weird Superstitions From Around the World

Superstition World

There’s nothing quite like a dose of some good old superstition, but in some parts of the world, things have gone a tad too far. It’s Friday the 13th today, so buckle up and check out our list or craziest superstitions from around the globe! Continue reading

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Slippers Guide: Sun, Sand & Surf Slippers

Sea Slippers

The summer’s almost here, so for this week’s Slippers Guide we figured we’d delve into the fascinating world of sea, slippers style! Check out the finest collection of sea slippers the web has to offer right here on Continue reading

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Insta-Fluffy: 7 Animals You Should Be Following on Instagram

Selfies and pictures of food on Instagram are so overdone nowadays. The new trend taking over the popular social media network is decidedly fluffier: pets! But it’s not just the occasional picture of Fluffy or Fido: photogenic pets everywhere are signing up for their own accounts (with some help from their friends with thumbs, of course) and posing for adorable pictures on a regular basis. Some of these four (and three!)-legged friends are even becoming Insta-famous!

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite animals to follow on Instagram. Check them out! Continue reading

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Learn Something: Cool Platypus Facts

Platypus Facts

It might seem the other way around, but there’s certainly more neat stuff than meets the eye about this underdog dweller of nature. The fellow’s name is platypus and we’re about to bring you a neat set of facts about him. More info below, courtesy of Listverse. Continue reading

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It’s National Hug Your Cat Day!

Happy National Hug Your Cat Day! In celebration, check out these cute cat videos showing their friends some love. Continue reading

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Travel: Slippers From Around the World

Slippers Global

If you plan on trekking across the world, and there’s no doubt you’d like that, you should kick off your journey well-prepared, especially slippers-wise. They might like an everyday item to some, but slippers in fact come with a rich culture and heritage. Join us in our rundown of some of the most awesome slippers from around the globe. Continue reading

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