8 Polite Animals You’d Want To Invite To Tea and Marmalade Sandwiches

Paddington, the movie based on the beloved children’s book series, arrives in theaters this weekend. Paddington Bear, also known as Paddington Brown, is a very polite bear from Peru, living in London with a family of humans. He has many adventures, including riding the Underground, making toffee, and of course taking marmalade sandwiches with his tea at teatime.

In honor of Paddington’s big screen debut, we’ve put together a list of his well-mannered animal friends who would be excellent guests at any tea party!

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This cat is very pleased to meet you. And you. And everyone else in the room.

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This seal is more than happy to share a tasty snack with his orca friend.

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Dinner time is usually a feeding frenzy, but not for these well-behaved pit bulls and their four-year-old human ringleader.

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Won’t you join this chipmunk for lunch at the table?

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Sharing at snack time? Not a problem for these friends.

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Excuse me, terribly sorry to bother you, but could you spare a moment to pet me?

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No matter how busy a day it may be, this giraffe is always happy to take photos with her fans at the zoo.

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These bears hope you’ll come again soon!