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You’ll Love these Mama and Baby Animal Facts!

We love all the Mamas of the animal kingdom! From big to small to furry to scaly, Moms make the world go ’round. Here are some fun facts about mother and baby animals.

Mama and Baby Sloth: Baby sloths cling to their mother’s fur for five weeks to six months, and then stay close to her side for the next two to four years as they learn to slowly climb through the trees.

Mama and Baby Giraffe: Newborn baby giraffes are six feet tall and weigh 150 pounds. They’re still not tall enough to reach the tree leaves, so the mother giraffe will pluck the leaves and put them directly into the baby’s mouth, until they’re tall enough to do it themselves!

Mama and Baby Tortoise: These African spurred tortoises are only 6 centimeters long when they’re born. They’ll ride on their mother’s head or shell until they’re old enough to walk on their own!

Mama and Baby Panda: Panda babies weigh only 3.5 ounces when they’re born, and are carried by their mothers for their first three months. After that, they’ll gain 100 pounds in their first year!

Mother and Baby Duck: A mother duck will lay up to 15 eggs at a time, and then sit on her eggs for 28 days before they hatch, rarely leaving the nest. Baby ducklings start swimming only 10 hours after they are born!

Mama and Baby Orangutan: Orangutan mothers only give birth every eight years or so. The babies stay with their mother for six to eight years, and have a very tight bond: the closest of all animals, except for humans!

Mama and Baby Cheetah: Baby cheetahs are born blind, but by the time they grow up, they can see up to 3 miles away! Cheetah babies also have a long, tall “mohawk” from their neck all the way down their tail, which helps them blend into the grass and hide from predators.

Mama and Baby Gazelle: The mother gazelle helps its baby stand up on its feet, just moments after it’s born! She will hide her baby in tall grasses while she grazes, and come back to feed it every few hours.

Mama and Baby Hippopotamus: When a mother hippo gives birth, she and her baby will isolate themselves for two weeks so they can bond. She even gives up grazing so she can spend time with her little one! After that, they’ll re-join the herd, but remain closely bonded until the baby is seven.

Mama and Baby Cat: Mother cats have a special noise they use to call to their kittens, called a “chirr” or a “chirrup.” It’s different from all other noises they make, and unique to each mother cat. A mother cat is called a “queen”!

Mama and Baby Horse: Baby horses are born with 80% – 90% of the length of their adult legs, and can start walking within a couple hours of being born. When traveling in a herd, mother horses will put their babies in the center to protect them from danger.

Mama and Baby Alligator: Alligator moms actually bond with their babies and show affection, which is unusual among reptile species! Baby alligators stay close to their mothers for a year, and the mothers will fiercely protect them from predators.

Mama and Baby Chipmunk: These li’l critters weigh only 3 grams when they’re born! They live in an underground burrow for one month, and then their mother helps them venture out and learn how to forage and gather food.

Leapin’ Cats, it’s Leap Day!

In celebration of Leap Day, we’ve gathered an award-winning collection of Leaping Cat GIFs! Some of these are #catfails, some of these are #catwins, but all of them are pure GIF gold… (Caution: do not try this at home!)

Can this cat complete the elusive French Door Leap, the triple axel of cat leaps? Yes it can! Gold medal!

This lackluster leap could be considered a #catfail, but this orange tabby is so cute, we’ll give it an honorable mention.

Are these cats identical quintuplets running around in circles? Or is this some sort of clever special effect? It’s a mystery…. we’ll never know… but we are feeling a bit hypnotized. We’re giving this GIF infinity blue ribbons!

Oh my goodness, you’ve gotta be kitten me. This sweet baby followed its heart, and believed in its dreams, and it is getting a teeny tiny trophy for its adorable efforts. You’ll get up on that counter someday, and when you do, we’ll be cheering you on!

Back hand spring! Layout! Full Twist! Pike! Tuck! Half Twist! Triple Lutz! Triple Salchow! And a perfect landing! Tens across the board!!!

We’re giving this GIF a Daytime Emmy, since this has inspired us to spend more time in a beanbag.

This GIF receives Three Michelin Stars for innovation in cooking techniques!

Oh the suspense… will she leap? Won’t she? And what is happening under that blanket? This GIF is basically an art house horror suspense thriller, and it has won an Oscar! The cat would like to thank her manager, her 14 brothers and sisters, and the film studio for taking a chance on an unknown kitten.

UGH, MOM, you’re embarrassing me in front of my friends!!! This GIF does NOT win the Teen Choice Award.

Oh, the twists, the turns, the drama! This started as a #catwin, and ended as a #catfail. We laughed, we cried, we learned something new, and all things considered, we’ll never forget this journey. Can you believe this GIF has won the Nobel Prize for Literature?

Nature’s Valentines… Adorable Animals with Hearts!

It’s no secret that we LOVE animals here at We’ve found a menagerie of adorable animals who seem to say “We love you back!” From the feathery to the furry, here are some of nature’s most heart-warming hearts.

As the old saying goes… cold flippers, warm heart! This penguin may live in the chilly Arctic, but it looks pretty warm-hearted to us.

This fuzzy wuzzy baby puppy is a walking Valentine…and we can barely handle it!!!

This baby bear looks like it loves swimming! And honey, and berries, and…you!

This adorable pup looks like it just asked “Will you be my Valentine?” and is waiting for the answer. We say, “yes, yes, a thousand times yes!!”

This little bitty baby kitty has a secret Valentine tummy! She only shows it to people she likes!

This feathery friend is absolutely COVERED with hearts! Gorgeous, darling, just gorgeous!

Oink oink! If you’re giving out Valentine mini pigs this year, make sure you bring enough for the whole class!

Roses are red, violets are blue, I eat roses and violets, and I also say “moo!”

These Animals Have Stuffed Animals!!!

BREAKING NEWS: these animals have stuffed animals.  Please stop whatever you’re doing and tune in to this important news story.

URGENT: This hedgehog has a teddy bear!

ALERT:  This kitten also has a teddy bear!

NEWS FLASH:  This puppy has a blue frog!

ATTENTION:  This bunny has a bunny!

IMPORTANT: This goat has a piggie!

BREAKING: This sloth has a teddy bear!

That is all.



The World’s Tiniest Animals!

Here at, we love all creatures great and small!  Have you ever wondered what the smallest animals are?  We’ve gathered up some of the world’s tiniest and cutest critters…just for fun!  Read on if you love extreme cuteness…

The world’s smallest monkey is the Pygmy Marmoset.  These teeny monkeys spend their lives swinging through the trees of the western Amazon rainforest, and their primary food is tree sap!  Their body measures only 4-6 inches, and they weigh about 3.5 ounces.  They are also called “Finger Monkeys”…maybe you can guess why?!

Of course we had to find the world’s smallest bunny!  These li’l hoppers are Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbits, and they’re found in the sagebrush deserts of Washington State.  They were once on the endangered species list, but the Oregon Zoo worked hard for many years to re-build the population.  These bunnies weigh less than one pound, but despite their small size, they can hop at a speed of up to 15 miles per hour!

The smallest fish in the world is called Paedocypris, and it swims through swamps and streams on the islands of Sumatra, Bintan, and Borneo.  This teeny fish measures only 0.3-0.4 inches long, and has a mostly transparent body.

The Speckled Cape Tortoise is the world’s smallest tortoise!  It lives in South Africa and Namibia, and measures only 2.4 – 3.9 inches long.  It lives in dry, rocky outcrops, and eats the tiny succulents growing in-between the rocks.  Its small size and speckled shell helps it blend into the rocks and hide from predators.

Teacup Chihuahuas are the world’s smallest dogs!  Adult dogs weigh only five pounds or less.  These dogs have been bred for small size, and can have many health problems as a result.  However, their appearance as a life-long puppy creates quite a high demand among pet owners, with some puppies selling for thousands of dollars!

The smallest frog in the world is also the smallest vertebrate in the world!  Clocking in at 0.30 inches, the Paedophryne Frog is just a tiny bit smaller than the Paedocypris fish, which once held the world record for smallest vertebrate.  These minute frogs were discovered hopping around the forests of Papua New Guinea.  They’re unique among frogs, as they never go through the tadpole stage–they hatch as small versions of the adults.  Can you imagine how tiny the babies are?!

The smallest deer in the world, the Java Mouse Deer, is also the smallest hoofed animal (or “ungulate”) in the world!  This teeny tiny deer lives in the forests of Java, and stands only 12 inches tall, weighing 2.2 – 4.4 pounds.  Fun fact: the mouse deer is considered a wise creature in Malay and Indonesian folklore, and is featured in many myths and folk stories as a cunning hero who is able to outwit its much larger enemies.

The Bee Hummingbird is the world’s smallest bird.  Measuring 2.2 inches long, and weighing only 0.069 ounces (!), these critters are found in Cuba and its surrounding islands.  These hummingbirds have beautiful iridescent jewel-toned feathers.  These busy critters can visit up to 1500 flowers per day!

Here is the nest of the Bee Hummingbird…the female hummingbird lays just two eggs at a time, each the size of a coffee bean!  The nest itself is made from cobwebs, bark, and lichen and is less than an inch wide.

Around the World in Slippers: Holiday Gifts for the Nature Lover!

From the arctic to the tropics to the depths of the sea…we’ve got wild animal slippers of all stripes!  If you’re searching for the perfect gift for the nature lover in your life, we’ve got you covered.  These fun and cozy wild animals are perfect for curling up and watching your favorite wildlife documentary, or taking a budget safari around the living room.  Rawwwr!

Polar Bear Slippers

When your toes are as cold as icebergs at the North Pole, pop on these soft white Polar Bears and you’ll be cozy in a snap!


Fuzzy Elephant Slippers

Hailing from the African savannah, these Elephants are ready to stampede right into your living room (and your heart)!  The tusks, big floppy ears, and trumpeting trunks make them biologically accurate; the fuzziness makes them cute!

Otter Slippers

From the rivers and coastlines of North America, Otters are one of the cutest aquatic mammals.  These soft and cozy slippers even come holding onto shells–looking like they’re about to have a snack!

Panda Bear Slippers

Straight outta Central China, these black and white beauties are an adorable gift for a Panda lover!

Hammerhead Shark Slippers

One of the strangest-looking creatures to ever swim the great blue sea, the unusual features of the Hammerhead Shark have been captured in plush.  Don’t worry–these slippers are not as ferocious as the real thing!  (They’re actually very cozy.)

Platypus Slippers

The animals of Australia are like nowhere else in the world…and among these unusual critters, the Platypus may be the strangest of all!  With duck bills, beaver tails, and flipper-like feet, these Platypus Slippers are both weird and cute!

Alligator Slippers

These green Gators have long tails, green scales, and tons-o-teeth, just like the alligators found in the swamps of North and South America.  While they look ferocious, you don’t have to worry about these guys chomping on your feet–instead, they’ll keep you warm and cozy (we promise).

We hope you enjoyed this trip around our adorable world of wild animal slippers!  Check out our entire selection of Animal Slippers to see more critters from every continent.  Happy shopping!



For These Pups, “It’s A Dog’s Life” Isn’t A Bad Thing

Every relationship has its ups and downs, and when there’s trouble in paradise, sometimes a partner ends up in the dog house. If that person has one of these dog houses, then watch out! Finding new ways to be in the dog house might be a thing. You won’t find any flea-ridden clap-traps here, take a look at these fancy bowwow abodes and see how a few lucky dogs live even better than their owners. Love dogs? See our complete line of dog slippers here!

Single Door Goliath


Image from Blythe Wood Works

Boasting 24 square feet interior space, with real-world options like raised foundations, air conditioning, porches, and decks, the Goliath would make us feel right at home. Base price is $1883 and fully loaded adds another $4000.

Victorian Cozy Kennel


Image from Little Cottage Company

At 80 square feet, with 8 foot ceilings, this beautiful “kennel” is larger than some micro apartments! Constructed seemingly to residential home requirements, add in a TV and a lounger and you could make this into an AirBnB! No price listed.

Cape Cod Kennel


Image from Little Cottage Company

Same size as the Victorian, this cute “starter home” adds curb appeal with the addition of three dormers.

Posh Living for Paris Hilton’s Dogs


Image from Paris Hilton’s Twitter feed

The famous heiress has provides for her pampered pups with a $325,000 luxury house. Let’s allow the video to explain:

Dream Dog House by Samsung

Priced at a paltry (by Paris Hilton standards) $30,475 this futuristic high-tech features a ton of nice touches, but we’re not sure if they’re fully appreciated by the residents. See more here:

Celebrity Brick Estate


Image from Beyond the Crate

Custom-built and designed by world-famous Alan Mowrer, this dog retreat features running water, lighting, air conditioning, and heat. Final designs take into account the breed of dog and the location where it will be built. Prices start at $25,000.

Celebrity Hacienda


Image from Beyond the Crate

More at home in warmer climates than it’s Brick Estate sibling, the Hacienda prides itself on a level of luxury and comfort matched only by the elite retreats of the rich and famous. Starts at $30,000.

1/4-Scale Great Dane Mansion


Image from The Daily Mail UK

We saved the biggest and best for last. Considered the finest dog house in the world, this generously appointed canine mansion is 1/4 the size of its parent house: the 3-bedroom $2 million ‘Hedron House’. Our favorite feature: retina scans on the doors to keep out strays.

July is Wild About Wildlife Month

July is a busy month for organizations dedicated to helping and protecting animals. To participate, we’ve put together a selection of events. Some are a little more serious than others, but it’s our hope that you’ll find something that might inspire!

July 1st: Animal Sanctuary Day

Many different types of animal sanctuaries have events on this day, from spreading awareness to their cause to adoption marathons. Using your favorite search tool, try looking for “my local animal sanctuary”. Maybe there’s a near-by event that you’d like to check out!

July 10th: Don’t Step on a Bee Day

While this event might seem whimsical at first glance, it’s actually pretty serious. July brings warm weather, and that means more bare feet. Bee-ing (sorry) aware for bees while skipping barefoot through those beautiful parks and meadows can keep your day carefree and fun.

July 12th: Cow Appreciation Day

Mostly associated with Chik-fil-A for their promotion of a free meal if you come dressed as a cow, Cow Appreciation Day is actually about spreading awareness of how important the bovine is.

July 14th: Shark Awareness Day

Educating folks and reversing negative preconceived notions (largely media-driven) about sharks is the purpose for this event.

July 15th: I Love Horses Day

Trying to preserve the remaining wild horse and burro habitats is the goal for the organizations running this American holiday.

July 15th: Pet Fire Safety Day

A team effort from the American Kennel Club and ADT Security Services, Pet Fire Safety Day strives to educate pet owners about potential risks when pets are left home alone. Proven prevention measure are provided.

July 16th: World Snake Day

A global event, World Snake Day has similar goals as Shark Awareness Day. Both creatures are subject to unnecessary hostility due to ignorance, as well as habitats that are being heavily impacted by human activities.

July 29th: International Tiger Day

One of the most admired animals, tigers are also some of the most vulnerable to extinction. This world-wide event wants to make everyone aware of how delicate the tiger’s existence is.

July 31st: Mutt’s Day

The goal for Mutt’s Day is to raise awareness of the plight of mixed breed dogs in shelters around the nation, and to educate the public about the numbers of mixed breed dogs that are looking for new homes.

Top Dogs: Highlights From The 139th Westminster Dog Show

The 139th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show wrapped up in New York City this past Tuesday, with thousands of dogs strutting their stuff and hoping to take home the top prize.

This year’s best in show champ was Miss P the beagle, whose great-uncle Uno was the first beagle to win Westminster in 2008.

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