Shop Holiday Gifts for Kids!

If you’re searching for holiday gifts for the kids in your life–look no further! From Paws to Butterflies to Billy Goats, We’ve got animal slippers of all stripes for all the animal-loving kiddos you know. Check out these eight favorite picks, or browse our entire collection of Kids Slippers!

  1. Kids Leopard Paw Slippers: With an over-the-ankle style and a soft fleece lining, these are the coziest slippers on the list! Your little wild thing will love the leopard spots and ferocious claws.
  2. Kids Monkey Sock Slippers: These slim-fitting slippers have the sweet and mischievous faces of two little monkeys–complete with ears and tails Perfect for a re-enactment of “10 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”!
  3. Dinosaur Baby Rattle Socks: Because you’re never too young for animal slippers, we bring you these adorable Dinosaur socks for babies under 1. Soft cotton socks feature little plush dinosaurs, which contain little rattles… entertainment for hours!
  4. Kids Dinosaur Slippers: For a slightly bigger dinosaur lover, check out these fabulously fun green dinos, with spikes, felt teeth, and sparkly eyes!
  5. Kids Duck Feet Slippers: These slippers are so cute and funny…they’ll provide hours of imaginative play for a toddler (and their adults will get a kick out of it too!) Quack!
  6. Kids Goat Slippers: We love all the details of these two Billy Goats–cloven hooves, horns, ears, spotted coats, and even long beards.
  7. Kids Butterfly Slippers: The most fanciful slippers on our list, these bright and brilliant Butterflies will have your little one fluttering around the house!
  8. Kids Dog Slippers: With the floppy ears and a spot over the eye, just like your favorite mutt, these Dog Slippers will be your kiddo’s loyal companions all throughout the year.