Shop Holiday Gifts for Women!

If you’re looking for a gift for all the ladies on your holiday list–mom, grandma, daughter, aunt, bff, co-worker, or gal pal–check out our selection of fun and cozy slippers for women! Here are a few of our favorite holiday picks for ladies!

  1. Blue Narwhal Slippers: With fins, tails, horns, and sparkling blue plush, these beautiful blue Narwhals are sure to make a splash!
  2. Pink Pig Slippers: Oink! These pink Piggies feature the chubby cheeks and piggy noses of your favorite barnyard buddy.
  3. Pink Bunny Slippers: The color of soft pink cotton candy, these adorable bun buns feel like wearing two puffy clouds on your feet.
  4. Fuzzy Frog Slippers: We’re not sure why these adorable froggies are wearing pink bows… but it sure is cute! Made with fabulously textured fuzzy plush footbeds, they’ll give your feet a gentle massage.
  5. Peach Slippers: What’s sweeter than a peach? These slippers, made in a slip-on style, feature two plush peaches on a bed of cream.
  6. Fuzzy Elephant Slippers: With trumpeting trunks and big floppy ears, these friendly elephants feature an easy-wearing slip on style and cushioned footbeds.
  7. Bichon Frise Slippers: Like two soft powder puffs, these adorable Bichons will be her new best friends. Arf! (If Bichons aren’t her thing, find her favorite breed here!)

If you’d like to see all these and more, view our entire collection of Slippers for Women!