St. Patrick’s Day Cuteness: Animals Eating Clovers!!!

Behold some creatures great and small that are a chip off the old blarney stone! These critters are gauranteed to sham-rock your world with their choice of fiber! Click to view them munch, graze and chew the luckiest plant of all time!


What rabbit can resist a gift of clover this time of year?

iyt4mFun fact: Guinea pigs can only eat with an overbite. If only we could all be so lucky…

iysncI’m way too chicken to eat clover but I admire these two chicken bravery. They’re so un-chicken right now.

iysqpI’m guessing if you’ve got a mouth full of clover, you grin and bear it!

iytb4Slow and steady chews all over the place…

iytf7If you spent your day talking to a spider, you’d work up an appetite too.

iysvuHe gets a much needed lunch break after posing on that rock for hours!

iyt0dA bunny has to be fortunate if it’s going to win a race or bound along a forest!