Wear Your Slippers to Work: National Slippers Day Celebrated

National Slippers Day 2014

Last Friday (February 7) marked a very special holiday for all of us over at Bunny Slippers. You might have guessed it already, because it’s the National Slippers Day we’re talking about.

We all know that slippers are more than just a casual piece of footwear, so celebrating them with their very own holiday is definitely the proper way to go. What we’d like to know is how did you celebrate this year’s Slippers Day?

National Slippers Day

The holiday is all about wearing slippers wherever you go, and that includes work. Did you rock your work day with a pair of killer bunny slippers? Or maybe went for the soft side with a pair of pink dolphin slippers? Anything goes on National Slippers Day, as long as it involves slippers. Speaking of which, check out some of the coolest slippers the web has to offer here.

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