Work From Home Wardrobe for Him!

Business on top, party on the bottom!  Working from home has its own special challenges—and perhaps even its own unexpected joys!  We’re here to help you curate the perfect work from home wardrobe that’ll keep you looking sharp for those Zoom meetings, while staying comfy and having a few LOLs!

  1. Button Up Shirt: Nothing says “I mean business” like a collared button-up.
  2. Clip-on Tie:  Clip it on for those essential video meetings, then stash it for the rest of the day.  On Zoom, nobody can tell it’s a clip-on!  (OK, we’re joking… mostly… but they do sell Clip-on Ties for adults for a reason…)
  3. Funny Mug:  Inspire your inner barista with some fun new coffee mugs.  This Golf Mug even helps you work on your short game until you can get back out on the course.
  4. Lounge Pants:  Nobody knows you’re wearing PJ pants…might as well make them extra fun and non-work-appropriate! We love these Beer Lounge Pants.
  5. Lap Blanket:  There’s no social stigma of bringing a blanket to work when nobody can see you!  This Pizza Blanket is extra hilarious (although it might make you extra hungry).
  6. Fuzzy Slippers:  When your commute is just to the living room, you can keep your footwear extra cozy.  These Highland Cattle Slippers win our vote for ultimate fuzziness!