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Classic Bunny Slippers

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Classic Bunny Slippers

These classic Bunny Slippers are a staff favorite. Overstuffed for comfort, they feature wireframe adjustable ears, a cotton ball tail, bouncing whiskers, and distinctive pink detailing, all of which make them the best such slipper design we've seen to date.

The classic Bunny Slippers come in a wide range of sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit for every member of the family. If you are between sizes you should order the larger size.

Insole measurements:
Small: 8"
Medium: 9" inches
Large: 10.5"

If you would like additional information on the materials, click here.
For more on how to clean your bunny slippers, see our tutorial.

Children's Bunny Slippers



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Classic Bunny Slippers
Price: $24.95


Product Reviews

Super Cute And Comfy :)
"I am very happy with these slippers. They are super cute and very comfortable. Their little ears are even bendable."
Melissa, October 2010

Sooooo Cute!
"I ordered these for my 12-year old daughter & she absolutely loves them! They are sooooo cute and comfortable too!"
Tanya, October 2010

"I have had my Bunny Slippers for 2 years and they are still looking and feeling great. Several people I know want them for Christmas."
Rana, November 2010

These Are Great!
"My wife had an old, old pair of bunny type slippers, so I suprised her with a new pair from your site. Yours were much nicer and cuter than the originals she had. She was very happy with the new slippers (and with me!). Worth every penny!"
Robert, November 2010

Great Slippers!
" I've been looking for some time in vain for some classic bunny slippers as I'd seen on TV and movies. I finally found them on this site. I ordered them, but due to a mishap at the post office, they were returned to the company. I wrote them an email about the matter and they sent them back to me promptly. They are great! And so comfortable!!"
Preston, November 2010

Very Good Product, What You See Is What You Get
"Very good product, what you see is what you get and they are very good and prompt at answering emails even on a Sunday. I get a little nervous when im not able to speak to someone on a phone but they answer emails quick."
Cathy Jo, December 2010

Loved the Slippers!
"Bunny slippers were for my wife....she LOVES them and the Reindeer Fuzzy Friends slippers for my sister... and they were a real hit! Both say they are super comfy!"
Stephen & Lois, December 2010

Love These!
"These slippers are so cute and comfy! I got them for Christmas and I am so glad there is a place I can get them year round. So warm!"
Diane, December 2010

Cutest Bunny Slippers Ever!
"I am so pleased with my purchase. My husband calls me honey bunny and gets me random things with bunnies in them, so I got bunny slippers for him for Christmas. Who knew they'd come in a men's 13? They are adorable and such good quality. I'm going to buy a pair for myself :)"
Samantha, December 2010

Wonderful But Watch Sizing
"Slippers are adorable, but, sizing not correct. My daughers size is 5, and the adult size small 5-6 was too small. Just be careful to chose the right size, so you don't have to pay shipping to send them back. Other than that, beautifully constructed and absolutely adorable! "
Tori, January 2011

Size Matters!
"I absolutely love my bunny slippers, and so do my friends who have had an opportunity to see me wear them! My darling husband has the Brown Bunny slippers, and he loves them! We hang out watching TV, surfing the web and doing crosswords looking cute and cozy in our fun footwear (with flannel pjs). However, make sure that you get the appropriate size. I first ordered a size from 9.5 to 11 Women's. I normally wear a 9.5 to 10 shoe, but these slippers are actually larger than smaller, and I had to buy another pair one size smaller, later. The larger ones kept falling off my feet! Tom's brown bunnies are perfect and very warm. I sometimes sneak them to my feet when he isn't looking! Lucky that he and I are about the same size and weight!"
Kathryn, January 2011

Love Them!
"I love my bunnies. Soft and cozy and very comfy. I smile every time I see them on my feet."
Pauline, January 2011

"I bought the bunny slippers for my daughter for Christmas. They are so cute - even better than pictured on the web site! She wears a size 9 shoe and I originally bought size 8-9 slippers, which were too small. So, I exchanged for a larger size (10-12) and they are perfect. I received my original order and exchange very quickly. I like them so much that I am going to order a pair for myself!!"
Jennifer, January 2011

Great Slippers!
"Amazingly cute! I loved them. They were soft, fuzzy, and very comfy. Great enough that I am definately buying my son some of the cute baby booties. ^_^ "
Shelby, January 2011

Hello Bunny Slippers!
"I just have to tell you how pleased I was with bunnyslippers.com and your wonderful customer service. I have placed 3 separate orders and all of the orders have come to me quickly and with the correct items. I had also asked for my last order to be expedited so I would have items in 2 days. You were able to accommodate me and made some friends very happy. Thanks SO MUCH for the great service!"
Lauren, February 2011

Super Cute!
"Super cute, my wife love it."
Maxter DJ, February 2011

Best Slippers Ever!
"I bought fuzzy ladybug slippers, and classic bunny slippers from you and could not be more delighted!!! I LOVE them so much!! They are both well made and very, very comfortable! Thanks for selling such great products! I look forward to buying more slippers from you in the future!!!"
Teri, April 2011

So Cute!
"These slippers are really cute, great product!"
Lisa, May 2011

"These are my favourite slippers, they're cute, comfy, and warm. My only negative thing would be that they don't stay on my feet very well. Hopefully they will eventually offer a pair of white or pink bunny slippers that cover the whole foot. Thanks!"
Kyla, May 2011

Great Slippers!
"Love these slippers! I have been looking for a new pair of bunny slippers and these fit the bill perfectly. They are very, very comfortable."
Noreen, May 2011

Adorable And Well Made!
"CUTE to the max!"
Linda, May 2011

"This product is great! I cannot wait to wear them every day!"
Laney, May 2011

Exactly What I've Been Looking For!
"For years I've looked high, low and bits to the left and right for a good, solid but silly pair of slippers. Having big feet, this is generally not easy. Somehow I wound up here and I'm glad I did! All in all, these were exactly the slippers I was looking for. Great quality, comfortable, the perfect size and the posable ears all make for a product I'm going to enjoy for a long time to come, and since I'm a fan of random, original ideas I can see myself spend an unhealthy amount of time in this store."
Jordy, July 2011

Too Cute
"Fits perfectly on my baby brother's feet, and he loves it! Material is soft and fluffy, and sole is non-slippery. Great deal!"
Chetan, August 2011

My Daughter Loves Them
"My 9 year old daughter absolutely loves them!!! Very good quality as well, and a comment from a daughter: 'THESE ARE SO CUTE!!! THANKS MOM!!!'. She is so happy."
Elizabeth, August 2011

"Comfy!!!!Well constructed, arrived faster than I thought, will order more!!!!"
Karen, August 2011

One For Me, One For You
"I love these slippers. First pair were a gift. I've since purchased another pair."
Carolyn, August 2011

Just What My Feet Were Twitching For
"These will be just the right footwear for my H'ween costume."
Rick, September 2011

"Thanks!!! I just got them in the mail this morning! Thank you guys soo much! I LOVE MY SLIPPERS! (:"
Kyle, September 2011

"We were very impressed with the bunny slippers that we ordered, WOW! These bunny slippers ROCK! They are not your average pair of bunny slippers or animal slipper. The quality, the anti-skid footing and the detail was amazing! The slipper even had a “cotton tail” at the back of the slipper. Highly recommended and we will be ordering soon again for other family members."
Cynthia, October 2011

Great Quality
"I just needed some Bunny Slippers for a costume. When I got these, I was surprised at the great quality. I put them on right away and enjoyed how comfortable and warm they are. These will be my main slippers now."
Phillip, October 2011

Made My Wife Very Happy
"I cannot believe how much my wife loves her Bunny Slippers. When we got them today she put them on and hasn't taken them off yet. They are very cute and I think she's going to love wearing them for a long time. I was impressed with how thick and plush the slippers are. They're certainly well worth the investment."
Dan, October 2011

Bunny Slipper <3
"I was looking for a perfect pair of slippers, and I found them, they so cute, and cozy!!! LOVE it. I'm so happy with them I going to order for my daughter same ones in the small size. :)"
Elena, October 2011

Absolute Love
"I absolutely love the bunny slippers! I purchased 2 pair and once I get my e-voucher, I'll purchase another for back-up!!!"
Connie, November 2011

Bang On The Money
"Great bunny slippers. I live in England & had been searching for a good quality pair of this type for my wife for Xmas. UK options were limited and unappealing. The quality of these slippers appeared to be far more superior, and communication with bunnyslippers.com was excellent. I received the item within 8 days of placing the order, which was terrific for an overseas transaction. Delivery not cheap but understandable, and well worth the total price of £28 (item & delivery) for a quality product. As for sizing, I was advised that the medium would be a snug fit for a UK 5 and again the direction I was given was bang on the money. I would highly recommend this product, and if, like I, you live outside the US, be sure you can purchase with confidence."
Dave, November 2011

My Wife Loves Them
"I liked the bunny slipper idea because my wife feels the cold alot so for an early Christmas present I bought her the Classic Bunny Slippers and she loves them and wears them everyday...a big hit!"
John, December 2011

I Love Them
"Love These!"
Carolyn, January 2012

Size Lies
"You claim that they come in a wide variety of sizes for every member of the family, yet since (as you say) they fit small, the 10.5 is more like a 10, and therefore nobody in my family can wear these. We have 2 bunnies, and have looked everywhere for bunny slippers, and are so disappointed not to be able to each get a pair!"
Honey, February 2012

Love 'Em
"Once i got these i just couldnt take them off! :)"
Sarah, March 2012

"These are the cutest slippers I have ever had and super comfy too. Thank you for selling these."
Diane, March 2012

Great Service!
"I ordered some of these for delivery to Key Largo and they took over 12 days to arrive. I ordered some more recently to be delivered to the UK and they arrived within a week, so you've clearly listened to your customer and improved the service - great job!"
Gerald, March 2012

Too Cute!
"I love the bunny slippers super cute, and made beautiful. What a great gift."
Suzanne, March 2012

Only One Size
"I have ordered these slippers before and loved them. Now it seems the children's sizes are now very limited...only available in one size! I'm sad!!! So is my niece!!!"
Diane, March 2012

Editor's note: we're hoping to have more sizes for kids soon!

Only One Size
"Very cute but my 3 year old couldn't keep them on her feet. They come in only one size and apparently her feet didn't fit into them even though she measures a size 7.5 and the size says 7-9 toddler. I was really sad and so was she because they are so cute."
Dave, April 2012

Editor's note: we're hoping to have more sizes for kids soon!

Cutest Slippers Ever!
"I love my bunny slippers! They arrived very quickly and I haven't taken them off my feet since I received them. I'm so glad I found this website."
Kimberly, May 2012

My First Pair Of Bunny Slippers!
"I love these slippers! They make me smile every time I look at them! They are really warm and comfortable."
Karen, May 2012

Great Quality
"Lots of padding/stuffing for extra comfort. Sizing is very accurate. Good buy!"
Louise, June 2012

Super Comfy
"The slippers are very comfortable and your website was great about doing an exchange when I needed a bigger size, especially since I needed the new slippers sent to a different address."
Kara, June 2012

Rated Top-Quality By Real Bunny
"These slippers made my feet feel toasty warm. Also, our real bunny thought they were real rabbits, and started nuzzling them. So I guess they have been rated a five on the rabbit scale. :)"
Cynthia, August 2012

Rated Top-Quality By Real Bunny
"Snuggly, Snuggly
Bunny, Bunny
Left foot, right foot
Fun, fun, funny!"
Laurel, August 2012

Can't Live Without These
"I'm on my second pair of the Classic Bunny Slippers! I love them to pieces! Soft, comfortable, true to size and adorable. I get so many compliments from friends and family who see them. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and I will continue to buy them when I wear them out. :)"
Sarah, August 2012

Fun, Funny, And Practical
"Kids and kids at heart thoroughly happy with product. Arrived so quickly also, other companies could take a leaf out of your book. Please also can you make a pair of Daffy Duck slippers? Told you a big kid at heart and shoe size."
Philip, September 2012

"WOW! These little hoppers found their way to my doorstep in less than a week! And I live in God forsaken Finland! They're GORGEOUS! I LOVE THEM I LOVE THEM I LOVE THEM!! Never did I imagine sticking your foot inside a fluffy bunny head could be so fulfilling! I just might have to order them a couple of mates to hop around with. Just so that they don't get lonely. Yeah. That's what I'll do. LOVE THEM. Oh I said that already. Thank you! <3"
Maija, November 2012

"Kinda but Friendly, Happy bunnies. White, covers the whole foot, Very plush, ears straight up with pink in the center, pink nose. It's like your foot is inside there back. Like your, Skunks & Elephants. Being, an Elephant Fanatic all my life, I'm Torn between, Them & the Bunnies :-P Althooooough...I Really, Love, the Panda Bear style too. That's the Same style as my, almost 20yr old, Santa slippers. Which is about when, I had the Bunny slippers. Due to a lot of health problems, I spend most of my time at home. So, I wear slippers all the time. I told my kids, they should get, both the Elephant & Bunny slippers, so I can alternate them. Keep me from getting bored. They figured, I'd wear one of each & I'm crazy enough as it is. I actually hadn't thought of that...Yet. But Heyyyy!!! :-D"
Sherry, December 2012

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY BUNNY SLIPPERS!!! They are so cute and comfortable. I have had them for a year now and they look good as new. My friends and family have all commented that they want some too. I'll be buying a pair to keep under the desk in my office too."
Diane, December 2012

A Christmas Story
"I bought a pair for my wife for Christmas. They came in today, December 5. They were so neat that I couldn't wait for Christmas. Now I have to find a different Christmas present to give to her. Also, I ordered them a size too large, by accident... So, when the new, correct size, pair comes in, I get to keep her older pair, they fit me, and she gets a new new pair. These are great. Thanks. Y'all have a nice day."
Thomas, December 2012

Thank You!
"My husband had a pair of bunny slippers when we first met. :) He had to get rid of them because he wore them out! He constantly talked about them even after he got rid of them. I was so happy when I found this website! I bought him a pair for his birthday this year. The look on his face when he opened the package was priceless!"
Melissa, March 2013

Girlfriend Loves Them
"My boyfriend got me these and I love them! I always looked forward to "putting my bunnies on" after a long day!"
Charlie, May 2013

Soooo Comfy
"In love with these slippers! Ordering another pair!"
Trish, May 2013

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