happy easter

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Easter

happy easter

Happy Easter everyone! With the world’s most famous bunny-related festivity being here, we thought we’d delve into the trivia domain and bring you the list of 8 most peculiar Easter facts you probably didn’t know. Check them out below!

1. The appearance of Easter Bunny is associated with old Anglo-Saxon goddess Eastre whose symbol was a rabbit as an animal commonly associated with fertility.

easter bunny

2. An old tradition insists that wearing new clothes on Easter brings good luck for the remainder of the year.

easter baby

3. The most luxurious Easter egg was produced in 19th century Russia as a gift from Tsar Alexander III to his wife Maria Feodorovna. It’s known as Faberge egg.

most expensive easter egg

4. In certain parts of the world, Easter is celebrated in a bit of a violent manner – by burning the statue of Judas.

judas burning easter5. America’s first Sunrise Device was introduced as a part of an Easter Mass back in 1773.

sunrise device

6. Bermuda locals celebrate the Good Friday by flying beautiful multi-colored kites, in a way symbolizing Christ’s ascension.

bermuda good friday kite

7. The practice of dyeing eggs can be traced way back to Ancient Greece, with eggs standing out as a prominent symbol of life in many different cultures.

easter eggs

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