Hop Art: Dancing Hares, A Bronze Sculpture Featuring 3 Giant Rabbits

Today in rabbit-themed art: “Dancing Hares“, a bronze sculpture depicting three oversized bunnies busting a move and doing their best take on ’80s dance craze, the Roger Rabbit. Designed by Sophie Ryder, an artist based in London, the piece is currently installed at a public park in Dublin, Ohio.


From the artist’s statement:

Sophie Ryder lives in the heart of the Gloucestershire countryside where hares are a native and prolific species measuring 24″ when sitting with ears upright. She became enthralled with the hares annual spring courtship — standing erect and “boxing” each other for mates and territory; hence the phrase: “Mad as a March Hare.”


Spotted from a distance:


Humans included for perspective:


Presented here in Vine form.

Hat tip & image source: Laughing Squid

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