Japan’s Bunny Cafe Brew Ha-ha

Living in Portland, OR, you’re exposed to a wide variety of cafe styles. There are the student cafes, where coffee is dirt cheap and stressed 20-somethings spend hours camping out on their laptops. Then, there are the bleeding edge micro roasters who spin ironic 80’s pop music on a record player and serve their pour-over brew in  mason jars. After a couple of years here, you just come to assume you’ve seen it all. So when I saw the video below about Japan’s rabbit cafes, I was hopping with jealousy!

While rabbit cafes have popped up all over Japan – 12 or so opened in the last year alone! – it will be a bit longer, I think, before people scurry to replicate Japan’s reptile cafe experience.

Are daily lattes with an extra jolt of Lapis energy just what the world needs for happier, more relaxed adults? Let us know in the comments.

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