Gift Guide: Great Gifts for Wild Animal Lovers!

Is there someone on your holiday shopping list who binge watches Planet Earth, and dreams of going on safari? Or maybe they just really really really like to watch Panda videos? Whether their safaris are IRL or virtual…the slipper version of their favorite wild animal is sure to make them grin! And you’re in luck–we’ve got the world’s best menagerie of wild animal slippers!

Pink Flamingo Slippers: These hot pink beauties are an adorably cozy tribute to our fabulously feathery friends!

Tiger Slippers: These orange and black striped cats have extra fuzzy chins you’ll want to scratch! Cuteness! (Not recommended with actual tigers).

Panda Bear Slippers: What’s black and white and cute and fuzzy and cozy all over? These slippers!

Fuzzy Monkey Slippers: These smiling little guys look super sweet and mayyyyyybe just a little bit mischievous!

Turtle Slippers: Unlike the real thing, these shells are soft and cozy. However, just like the real thing, these turtles have flippers and very wise looking eyes.

Lion Slippers: You’ll feel like the king or queen of the jungle with these regal lions on your feet! Warning: they might challenge your house cats for alpha cat!

Giraffe Slippers: While they’re a little bit shorter than actual giraffes, these slippers are just as cute! Made with fuzzy horns, ears, and manes, and spotted fur, don’t be surprised if you catch them snacking on a leaf!

Fuzzy Elephant Slippers: Real elephants aren’t exactly fuzzy… but using our patented fuzzifying technology, we’ve taken the cuteness of an elephant and the fuzziness of a slipper and combined them. Best of both worlds!

View our full collection of Animal Slippers here! Happy shopping!

Our Favorite Bunny Costumes!

We love bunnies, and Halloween….what can be better than bunnies in costume?  Here are some of our all-time favorite bunny costumes!  Boooooo!

One bunny bunny…. Two bunny bunny… I’m Count Bunnicula!

Now, I’d love to see a “bunch” of these cuties!

Watermelon Bunny is a little seedy…

Business Bunny brings home the carrots!

This baseball champ just hopped around the bases!  It took a while, but it was very cute!

Sherlock Buns is on the case!  The case of the stolen pellets…

I hope you like carrot stew!

I tried to sleep upside-down, but it didn’t work!

I’lll take two tacos, extra cheese!

This hutch ain’t big enough for the two of us…

All Hail Queen Ebunnybeth!

Chomp chomp, I’m scary!!

Now this bunny is dressed up as a…..hmmm…..can’t tell!

Brand New Slipper Alert!

They’re cozy. They’re fuzzy. They’re adorable. And they’re all brand new! We’re excited to bring you five fresh animal slipper styles that are gonna rock your socks off!

Highland Cattle Slippers: Aye lads and lassies, we ken these Highland Coos are pretty bonnie! If you fancy a trek through the Scottish moors, but also don’t feel like leaving the house, we’ve got the slippers for you!

Fuzzy Hedgehog Slippers: With two-toned fur, teensy weensy ears, and delightfully upturned snouts, these sweet Hedgies will steal your heart! You might be tempted to curl them up in your hands—but trust us, they’ll be even more cozy on your feet.

Tiger Slippers: Fun fact—tigers are the biggest cats in the world, weighing up to 800 pounds! These tiger slippers have channeled all the style and prowess of the real deal, and distilled it down to its furry essence…none of the weight but all of the attitude.  Rawwwwr!!


Fuzzy Monkey Slippers: Pass the bananas, it’s time to monkey around! These Fuzzy Monkeys are made with incredibly soft black fur (seriously…we don’t know how it’s scientifically possible), and funny mischievous faces. And….take a look at those cute little ears!

Lion Slippers: These might be our most majestic slippers to date. With regal features and wild manes, these kings of the savannah are ready to roam the grasslands and bask in the sun. Or just chill at your house. Either way!

These Animals Have Stuffed Animals!!!

BREAKING NEWS: these animals have stuffed animals.  Please stop whatever you’re doing and tune in to this important news story.

URGENT: This hedgehog has a teddy bear!

ALERT:  This kitten also has a teddy bear!

NEWS FLASH:  This puppy has a blue frog!

ATTENTION:  This bunny has a bunny!

IMPORTANT: This goat has a piggie!

BREAKING: This sloth has a teddy bear!

That is all.



Slipper Meme Roundup

Yahoooooo, it’s meme roundup time!  We searched the internet high and low to lasso the best slipper memes for you, our beloved readers, and, well, we got ’em.  Take a stroll through this glorious meme corral and prepare to LOL!

Next stop: the other side of the rainbow!  (You can re-create this meme at home with your own Unicorn Light Up Slippers.  BYOK.  (Bring Your Own Kitten.))

Hmmm….not sure if I trust this guy…

Wow, our Classic Bunny Slippers have made it into a meme, and we’ve never been more proud!  We really know how to internet!

Awwwww!  *single tear*

I wear size Raspberry in Kittens!

Delicious, but definitely not sanitary.

Craft win? Craft fail?  Kinda both?

Nailed it!!!

Get outta here, ya creep!

The World’s Tiniest Animals!

Here at, we love all creatures great and small!  Have you ever wondered what the smallest animals are?  We’ve gathered up some of the world’s tiniest and cutest critters…just for fun!  Read on if you love extreme cuteness…

The world’s smallest monkey is the Pygmy Marmoset.  These teeny monkeys spend their lives swinging through the trees of the western Amazon rainforest, and their primary food is tree sap!  Their body measures only 4-6 inches, and they weigh about 3.5 ounces.  They are also called “Finger Monkeys”…maybe you can guess why?!

Of course we had to find the world’s smallest bunny!  These li’l hoppers are Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbits, and they’re found in the sagebrush deserts of Washington State.  They were once on the endangered species list, but the Oregon Zoo worked hard for many years to re-build the population.  These bunnies weigh less than one pound, but despite their small size, they can hop at a speed of up to 15 miles per hour!

The smallest fish in the world is called Paedocypris, and it swims through swamps and streams on the islands of Sumatra, Bintan, and Borneo.  This teeny fish measures only 0.3-0.4 inches long, and has a mostly transparent body.

The Speckled Cape Tortoise is the world’s smallest tortoise!  It lives in South Africa and Namibia, and measures only 2.4 – 3.9 inches long.  It lives in dry, rocky outcrops, and eats the tiny succulents growing in-between the rocks.  Its small size and speckled shell helps it blend into the rocks and hide from predators.

Teacup Chihuahuas are the world’s smallest dogs!  Adult dogs weigh only five pounds or less.  These dogs have been bred for small size, and can have many health problems as a result.  However, their appearance as a life-long puppy creates quite a high demand among pet owners, with some puppies selling for thousands of dollars!

The smallest frog in the world is also the smallest vertebrate in the world!  Clocking in at 0.30 inches, the Paedophryne Frog is just a tiny bit smaller than the Paedocypris fish, which once held the world record for smallest vertebrate.  These minute frogs were discovered hopping around the forests of Papua New Guinea.  They’re unique among frogs, as they never go through the tadpole stage–they hatch as small versions of the adults.  Can you imagine how tiny the babies are?!

The smallest deer in the world, the Java Mouse Deer, is also the smallest hoofed animal (or “ungulate”) in the world!  This teeny tiny deer lives in the forests of Java, and stands only 12 inches tall, weighing 2.2 – 4.4 pounds.  Fun fact: the mouse deer is considered a wise creature in Malay and Indonesian folklore, and is featured in many myths and folk stories as a cunning hero who is able to outwit its much larger enemies.

The Bee Hummingbird is the world’s smallest bird.  Measuring 2.2 inches long, and weighing only 0.069 ounces (!), these critters are found in Cuba and its surrounding islands.  These hummingbirds have beautiful iridescent jewel-toned feathers.  These busy critters can visit up to 1500 flowers per day!

Here is the nest of the Bee Hummingbird…the female hummingbird lays just two eggs at a time, each the size of a coffee bean!  The nest itself is made from cobwebs, bark, and lichen and is less than an inch wide.

The World’s Most Expensive Bunny Rabbit (Sculpture)!

Photo credit: Jeff Koons

This sculpture, titled Rabbit, has just sold for a record-setting $91.1 million US dollars!  Holy carrots, that’s a lot of lettuce!!!

The three-foot rabbit, made out of stainless steel and resembling a balloon, was created by artist Jeff Koons in 1986.  The sale set a record for the most expensive work of art sold while the artist is still alive.

Koons has held the record in the past, when his sculpture Balloon Dog (Orange) sold for $58.4 million US dollars in 2013.

Amazing Animal Moms

This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating all the mamas of the Animal Kingdom…  From the furry to the scaly, here are some Amazing Animal Moms!

Orangutans spend their lives living up in the trees… Mama Orangutans build a brand new nest every night out of branches and leaves, for herself and her baby to sleep in. That’s more than 30,000 new nests in a lifetime!

Mama Orangutans also almost never put their babies down for the first two years. The bond between mom & baby orangutan is so strong that the young orangutans continue “visiting” their moms well into their lives.

Elephant mothers and babies have especially strong social bonds. After a 22 month pregnancy, baby elephants stay close to their mothers, and live along side them for about 16 years!  Moms work together with the other female elephants in the herd to help raise and protect each others’ children…it truly takes a village of moms to raise a baby elephant!

Giraffe babies weigh 100-150 pounds and are 6 feet tall when born! With their mothers’ encouragement, they begin walking within 30 minutes. Moms of newborn giraffes get only about 30 minutes of sleep per day since they are so busy guarding their calves…now that’s dedication!

Meerkats primarily eat venomous scorpions—yikes!  Mama meerkats teach their babies how to hunt by catching a scorpion, injuring it to disable its stinger, and giving it to the babies to practice hunting without getting stung.

Newborn baby Bottlenose Dolphins have a hard time keeping up with their mothers, so mothers create a wake while swimming that draws the babies alongside them effortlessly.  Each mother dolphin has her own signature whistle, which is basically like saying her own name. If a baby gets lost, she’ll whistle so that the baby can find her again.

Alligator moms build a nest of vegetation around their eggs.  As the vegetation starts to decompose, it generates heat that keeps the eggs warm until they hatch (it’s basically a cozy compost pile!)  When the little gators crack out of their eggs, Alligator moms carry the tiny  babies in their jaws for protection!  Who knew these ferocious fangs could be so gentle?

How to Make a Mother’s Day Spa Basket!

Looking for a way to treat your Mama right this Mother’s Day?  You can make a fun and easy spa basket that she’ll love!  Start with a basket from your local craft thrift store, and fill with goodies she can use to make her own home spa experience.  Most of these picks are available at your local grocery or drug store!

  1. Bunny Spa Sandals: Luxurious footwear is essential!  Nothing starts the home spa off right like some spa-style slippers.  Of course, our Bunny Spa Sandals are our favorite!
  2. Beeswax Candle: It’s a universally known fact–Moms love candles!  We like to go with a clean and natural scent, like this simple Beeswax Candle.
  3. Facial Mask: There are so many fun masks on the market these days…choose a scent your Mom will love.  This Superblueberries Mud Mask is a delicious-sounding option!
  4. Soaking Salt:  Turn an ordinary bath into an extraordinary home spa with some therapeutic soaking salt.  Dr. Teal’s comes in lots of scents…we think the lavender is extra relaxing!
  5. Foot Cream: Those tootsies work hard all day!  Treat them to some specialized foot lotion, like the Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme.
  6. A Mini Bottle of Bubbly: These mini champagne bottles are so darn cute, and a perfect size for one (no sharing required).  Cheers!
  7. Hand Cream: Finish the spa experience off right with some luxurious hand cream.  We love the scent of this Lavender & Honey Hand Cream.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas, grand-mamas, step-mamas, and foster mamas out there!