Perfect Hop: Bunny Scores Flawless Run in Rabbit Competition

Bunny Jump Competition

Stretching the bunny agility to its very limit, this brown little hopper managed to score a perfect run during a certain bunny competition. There’s just something so special about seeing these cuties doing their best to reach the final line, and young Brownie is no exception.

Bunny Jump

However, there are other ways to get past the dreaded obstacles, just check out this chubby fellow and his improvised approach. If that’s not some sharp thinking, we don’t know what is.

Bunny Competition

Bunny competitions are always ranked among more popular events and are held in a vast number of cities around the globe. Check out the clip below for some of the cutest of the cutest. And if you’re a bunny owner with plans on taking your hopper to an athletic showdown, make sure to equip yourself with a matching set of bunny slippers, as you can never be too prepared.