10 Secret Rabbit Talents

Rabbits are a talented bunch. They have three eye-lids, are physically incapable of vomiting and can run up to 35 miles per hour – incredible! But rabbits also have skills that you’ve probably never even imagined, as these images from Spoiled Rotten Rabbits‘ excellent Facebook gallery will attest. Below, we chronicle 10 of our favorite lesser-known rabbit aptitudes.

1. Astronomy.

Rabbit looking through telescope

Lepus viewing lepus.


2. Art critique.

He’s a regular Bob Ross. Look at those owls! See more owls here!

3. Putting up with curious human antics.

“The things we go through to please our humans…”


4. Portrait photography.

Say ‘carrots’!


5. Teaching recorder.

The first recorder song you learn: hot cross buns.


6. Method acting.

He’s preparing for his role in Look Who’s Talking IV.


7. Picking up chicks.

Hey, baby.


8. High fashion modeling.

Capes are going to be BIG this winter or my name isn’t Bunlenciaga.


9. Table dancing.



10. Selling miniature houses.

It’s a buyer’s market!


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