Slipper Sunbed

Slipper-Shaped Sunbeds: This Summer’s Craziest Invention

The summer is coming, so it’s time to lay off the hard work and get some swimming done! And after you treated yourself with a good dive or two, there’s nothing better than an instant switch to lazy mode and a few minutes to just soak up some sun on the sunbed.

Slipper Sunbed

But for this summer, we bring you a crazy new twist – the slipper-shaped sunbeds. The flip flop-shaped invention will take your resting to a whole new level, as it is far more comfortable than a standard wooden deckchair. As you can see from the given image, the sunbed is shaped like a classic beach slipper and curved to bring you the maximum comfort.

If you’re not too much into the standard white model, you might want to consider a different one, as the slipper-shaped sunbeds are also available in other colors including green, yellow, orange and blue. Seeing that the summer is just around the corner, you might also want to consider a matching pair of flip flops for your feet, if you’re a bit more on the wild side. Who knows, one day they might even make a bunny slipper version of the whole thing.

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  1. neda

    hi dear,

    im working on a new beach project an really interested in slipper shape sun bed , any idea who is the supplier or designer,


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