Video Game Slippers

Slippers Guide: Gamer Slippers

Video Game Slippers

Being one of the world’s strongest industries at the moment, gaming world was bound to pop up as a topic of our weekly slippers guide. And as always, we’ve got plenty of awesome products to present you with. So join us in yet another rundown below!

Angry Birds Slippers

Angry Birds Slippers

As a game that took the world by storm in recent years, Angry Birds gets the honor of opening this week’s feature. We went for the classic approach this time, since it’s quite easy to get lost in the world of Angry Birds with all the add-ons and theme variations out there.

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Yoshi Slippers

Yoshi Slippers


Mario’s trusty companion and one of Nintendo’s all-time favorites, Yoshi was one of the characters that helped revolutionize the gaming world back in the day. He will also make your feet warm and cozy with a pair of signature slippers above.

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Sonic Slippers

Sonic SlippersA pair of these will make you run faster than Sonic himself! Well maybe not faster, but you’ll certainly get things done faster around the house. Check them out yourself if you won’t take our word for it.

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Finn and Jake Slippers

Finn Jake Slippers

Not exactly strict gaming superheroes, Finn and Jake still found their way to our weekly feature. You simply have to love this guys, so a pair of signature slippers comes as a perfectly logical move.

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That about wraps it up! Make sure to drop by next week for another set of best slippers the web has to offer.

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